Ford 'Deep State'

PUBLISHED: 5:02 PM 28 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 10:03 PM 28 Sep 2018

Savage Claims Ford Deeply Tied To Deep State

According to Michael Savage, she is tied to the Central Intelligence Agency in a number of ways. Could the deep state be behind the claim?

Michael Savage claimed that Kavanaugh's accuser has deep ties to the deep state. Is he right?

The latest story in the ongoing assault on Brett Kavanaugh’s character and the drama that has come with claims made by Christine Blasey Ford doesn’t match the mainstream media’s ‘victim’ narrative.

Michael Savage, a conservative pundit, came up with something far more interesting, albeit less provable. According to Savage, ‘Crissy’ Ford is not just a leftist professor in California and a leftist activist; she’s also, allegedly, deeply tied to the Central Intelligence Agency. He presented three strange ‘coincidences’ to prove his point, and to illuminate her relationship to the clandestine group.

According to radio host and conservative pundit Savage, Ford, who holds a doctorate in psychology, doesn’t just work as a psychology professor at a University down the street from Palo Alto, and teach via a cross-consortium at Stanford.

She’s also tied to the CIA in a number of ways, according to the broadcaster.

Firstly, she’s allegedly the head of the CIA undergraduate internship program at Stanford University, which allows people with appropriate grades, background, and course of study to work for the government agency in some small way.

Internships generally count for some amount of college credit, look good on any resume (especially an internship at such a ‘respected’ organization), and give a person an introduction to the very entry-level tasks of a business or government agency.

They also make it much more likely that a person would be hired by the CIA if they wanted to work for them after graduating with their four-year degree.

According to Savage, however, the relationship went deeper still.

He said that Ralph III, Ford’s brother, used to work for an international law firm known as Baker Hostetler.

Allegedly, that firm was the one responsible for the creation of the infamous organization ‘Fusion GPS,’ who helped to ‘produce’ the ‘Trump Russia’ dossier with the help of a British intelligence agent.

Eventually, Fusion GPS admitted that the dossier they had partially produced, along with financial backing from George Soros, the Hillary Clinton campaign, and the Democrat National Committee, was little more than a series of unverified ‘field interviews.’

Indeed, very little of the document has been confirmed, while important parts, like the claim that Michael Cohen communicated with Russian agents while in Prague in order to form the basis of ‘collusion’ between the Donald Trump campaign and the Russian government, have been debunked.

In fact, that particular claim was debunked by no less than Lanny Davis, a lawyer and friend to the Clinton family.

Still, according to Savage, the relationship is deeper.

He said that Baker Hostetler was located in the same building as three CIA ‘dummy’ businesses, which are named ‘Red Coats Inc.,’ ‘Datawatch,’ and ‘Admiral Security Systems.’

Perhaps most interesting, he also claimed that those businesses were all operated by none other than Ralph Blasey II, the presumed father of Ralph Blasey III and Christine Blasey Ford.

Still, the alleged ties go deeper, at least according to Michael Savage.

The conservative personality said that Dr. Ford and Ralph Blasey III’s grandfather is none other than Nicholas Deak.

Mr. Nicholas Deak, who died in 1985, was well-known for his service to the United States and its intelligence operations.

Born in Transylvania, Hungary, the banker was also an operative for the World War II-era Office of Strategic Services, under the command of Wild Bill Donovan.

Deak worked for the United States government in Thailand, Burma, Egypt, and Malaya during the Second World War.

Eventually, the OSS was rebranded as the CIA, and switched from militaristic operations to more intelligence-based operations.

For decades afterwards, the financial group he operated was filled with businesses that were legitimate, as well as many that were covers or front organizations for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Perhaps most interesting of all about Deak was the way he died. On November 18, 1985, an allegedly mentally unstable homeless person who claimed that she had suffered some injustice at the hands of Deaks’ companies, shot and killed his receptionist and the ‘former’ intelligence agent.

Rumors have swirled around that killing for years, saying that Lois Lang (the shooter) could have been used to assassinate the man, whether she knew why or not.

If Savage’s allegations are correct, there’s an interesting connection between an accusation that became little more than a political football, and an organization known for its clandestine manipulations.

Perhaps Ford could even be part of the ‘deep state’ plan to undermine Donald Trump, if what Savage claimed is true.