PUBLISHED: 5:14 PM 5 Jan 2018

Savage Burnings Deemed “Playful,” 1,031 Torched As No-Go Migrant Suburbs Considered Safe

French President Macron’s lax immigration policies have resulted in his country being over taken by violent refugees.

Because of French President Emmanuel Macron’s lax refugee policies, his country has become engulfed in violence from radical Islamic terrorists.

Burning cars, vandalizing buildings, and assaulting French citizens — particularly women — has become commonplace in France since allowing an unprecedented wave of Muslim migrants in the past few years.

According to Breitbart, a top French Sociologist is claiming that the dramatic uptick in Muslims setting cars on fire and destroying property is “above all, playful,” adding that there’s no political dimension to said uncontrollable violence.

“It is very easy, technically, to set a vehicle on fire and run away immediately,” Michel Wieviorka claims, adding that these migrants aren’t and shouldn’t be subject to arrest from police.

What this left-wing lunatic failed to mention is that there have already been at least 1,031 vehicles set on fire since December 31st, which was less than a week ago.

As noted by Breitbart, that is up from last year’s 935 cars set on fire by radical Islamists.

These are radicals that Macron is appeasing and making excuses for as they destroy France.


Wieviorka claims Muslim youth have been burning cars for decades, and that there isn’t any specific political message associated with such behavior.

“Some also said that these fires were partly caused by people who actually wanted to get rid of a car, get an insurance premium while the vehicle was worthless. But in this case, why would he do it on this occasion and not another? It’s not a very solid reasoning,” he said.

Muslim migrants in France, as well as throughout much of Europe, have been so deadly that officials have been forced to create “no-go zones” to prevent citizens from being attacked by the migrants.

With  Muslim refugees pouring into Europe and carrying out major acts of violence, we shouldn’t be cowering to their demands.

We should be very thankful that President Trump has drastically halted our refugee program and has made efforts to ensure that we thoroughly vet all migrants who come to the U.S., otherwise our streets would resemble those in France.


Source: Breitbart