Teens Beat Elderly Tourist

PUBLISHED: 2:54 PM 26 Jul 2019

Savage Beating Caught On Tape As Tourist Meets D.C. ‘Boys and Girls’

In Philly, in Chicago, New York City, and now Washington D.C. these ignorant, violence-loving animals attack whenever they feel like it, and police have been hampered by the leftist propaganda machine that condemns any response.

This is what dumb beasts do!

The video is shocking and horrific to watch.

It shows a pack of teenagers surround a tourist going into a D.C. hotel, and then beating him unconscious.

In fact, they continue to savagely assault the man as he is defenseless on the ground.

Many people are furious that the social crucifixion of police officers has led to this violence… it seems that the agenda of the left to create a chaotic state of existence without the rule of law is bearing fruit.

The Daily Mail reported:

Police are hunting for 14 teenagers caught on video brutally beating a tourist outside a renowned hotel in Washington, DC.  

Disturbing surveillance footage recorded at the entrance to the Washington Hilton Hotel at around 1am on July 14, shows the group of girls and boys believed to be around 13-14 years old attacking the man as he lies defenseless on the ground.

The video was released by the Metropolitan Police Department on Wednesday.

Authorities have asked for the public’s help in identifying the assailants.

The video shows the gang of teens exchanging a few words with the man before one of the boys punches him, knocking him backwards.

The rest of the group joins in and they proceed to kick and punch the man repeatedly.

The victim, whose name has not been released, suffered head injuries and a left eye socket injury and was treated at a hospital.

The Washington Hilton is a fixture in the DC political scene, hosting presidents, foreign dignitaries and high-profile events such as the White House Correspondence Dinner.

It’s also the site where President Ronald Reagan was shot by a would-be assassin in 1981.

Rooms at the hotel 12 blocks north of the White House start at $210 per night.

Watch the violent attack below: