Obama's Pay-For-Play

PUBLISHED: 4:26 PM 11 Jun 2018

Saudi Government Gave Obama Admin ‘Suitcases Full Of Jewels’ Ahead Of Speech

Ben Rhodes said the Saudi government gave the Obama administration gifts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars ahead of Cairo speech.

The Obama family alone received roughly $322,000 worth of gifts from the royal government.

A former top adviser to President Barack Obama arrogantly admitted that the administration accepted “suitcases” full of jewels and gifts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars from Saudi Arabia, according to Zero Hedge.

During an interview with The Guardian, former national security adviser Ben Rhodes said the Saudis gave Obama and his team the lavish gifts prior to a major speech the former president was giving in Cairo. Rhodes said the administration declared the gifts to the Department of State as “foreign gifts,” but later admitted he wasn’t sure if everything was handed over to the U.S. government.

In total, the State Department reports that the Obama family alone received roughly $322,000 worth of gifts from the royal government.

While speaking about his new book, “The World As It Is,” Rhodes recounted a trip in June 2009 to Saudi Arabia soon after Obama assumed office.

Rhodes said when the administration and team arrived in Saudi Arabia, they were taken to lavish compounds in the desert, which were owned by the Saudi monarchy. When he opened the door to his room, Rhodes said he noticed a large suitcase on his bed.

“When I opened the door to my unit, I found a large suitcase,” Rhodes recounts. “Inside were jewels.”

Rhodes told The Guardian that he believed the jewels and gifts were a “bribe” to influence the speech he was writing for Obama to deliver in Cairo. He also said that he later learned many other officials also received gifts from the Saudi government.

When asked what the Obama administration did with the gifts, Rhodes said they turned them over to the State Department division that handles gifts from foreign government. However, Rhodes later said he couldn’t say with certainty that everyone gave all of the gifts back.

The trip to Saudi Arabia came just weeks before Obama’s infamous speech in Cairo, where the former president demanded the world accept Islam. Obama also spoke about the importance of Muslims and those who practice Islam in the U.S., saying Americans need to become more tolerable to the Muslim religion.

State Department records reveal Rhodes, who wrote the pro-Islam speech, handed in $5,405 worth of jewels and gifts. Former aide Marvin Nicholson received $18,580 in gifts; deputy assistant Peter Rundlet was given $12,560 worth of jewelry; and eleven other Obama administration officials also received gift from the Saudi government.

The Obamas were also showered with gifts unlike anything many have ever seen. Former First Lady Michelle Obama received a diamond and other jewels valued at $132,000. Obama’s two daughters also got $190,000 worth of gifts.

Apparently, the Saudis were thrilled they had an effeminate president like Obama who hated democracy and supported Islam spreading its roots across the globe. The Saudis knew they were going to have it made when Obama was in office, and the former president’s track record in the Middle East proves life was great for terrorists while he was in office.