A "Moderate" Nation

PUBLISHED: 10:07 PM 22 Aug 2018

Saudi Arabia To Behead Non-Violent Female Activist

Last year, Saudi Arabia killed 146 people, usually by beheading them.

The U.S. has long worked with Saudi Arabia, but perhaps that has been the nation's peril.

Although Saudi Arabia is often called a ‘moderate’ Muslim nation, a few people still assert that it’s quite a barbaric Islamic regime. A new article from The Week has reported that those “moderates” are set to behead a female activist.

The Independent has written that Israa al-Ghomgham, 29, was taken into custody along with her husband Moussa al-Hashem back in December 2015. They were arrested for “their roles in organizing anti-government protests in eastern Qatif province in the aftermath of the Arab Spring.” Now, she is slated for death.

Furthermore, al-Ghomgham is charged with “incitement to protest and providing moral support to rioters.” In a sign that the new leadership in Saudi Arabia isn’t always so much better than those in the past, this is the first time that a woman has ever been given a death sentence for “political protests.

Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch (HRW) stated on Wednesday, “Any execution is appalling, but seeking the death penalty for activists like Israa al-Ghomgham, who are not even accused of violent behavior, is monstrous.”

At this point in the story, it may prove interesting to reflect on how so much of the left in the West embraces Islam and yet those who are said to have more moderate voices are killing women who are not hurting anyone. There doesn’t seem to be any marches or angry protests from the feminists or liberals anywhere to be found, adding to their apparent hypocrisy.

The Guardian has reported that “ALQST, a London-based Saudi rights group, also reported on Ghomgham’s case earlier this week,” so it isn’t as if the information isn’t there for those who should be championing her cause to do so.

The Canadian government is standing up against much of the detaining that Saudi Arabia has been conducting, however. The Global Mail has reported that the Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said about al-Ghomgham, “Canada is extremely concerned by the arrests of women’s rights activists.”

She added, “These concerns have been raised with the Saudi government. Canada will always stand up for the protection of human rights, including women’s rights and freedom of expression around the world.” This is quite a statement for a country that has taken a very politically correct stance when it comes to the dangers of some facets of the Muslim faith, but it is encouraging to hear, nonetheless.

Five others were sentenced to death under “anti-terrorism laws” last week, as well. While these may have been warranted, it does appear that the Saudi’s are still led by some very bloodthirsty types. Last year, 146 people were put to death in the Middle Eastern nation, most by beheading.

In the kingdom, women have been “allowed more rights than previously, and a number of gender segregation laws being lifted,” and now this death sentence for protesting is going to be seen as a very big setback to that progress.

So, while the White House is certainly correct that peace with all nations is better than war, hopefully, Mr. Trump is fully aware of some of the voices which still lead this oil-rich nation. After all, if they can’t be trusted to honor a deal or if they are going to make deals with a pen in one hand and a blade in the other, it may be time to pull back just a bit from the bargaining table next time.