PUBLISHED: 5:48 PM 28 Nov 2017
UPDATED: 11:05 PM 28 Nov 2017

Santa Becomes Rainbow “Diversity” Tip-Man As LGBT “Solidarity” Takes Over Stores

Many shoppers were disgusted with the new "gay Santa" candy that appeared on store shelves in Germany.

Many shoppers were disgusted with the new “gay Santa” candy that appeared on store shelves in Germany.

Somehow, we live in a world where fraudulent religions are given a wide berth and everyone is told what the rules are. We must, for example, never dare to draw Mohamed, even though we know that he did terrible things in his life. We are told to honor and tread with PC shoes when speaking of the beliefs of others, yet it is perfectly “OK” to portray a revered saint, St. Nicolas, as a homosexual.

That is the news as reported by Breitbart as the German Supermarket chain, Penny, “has introduced a new LGBT Santa Claus chocolate figure in rainbow colors” in order to pander to gays during the holidays. The foul treat is right in the checkout lane beside traditional favorites such as “treats of Spekulatius and gingerbread (Lebkuchen).” This was one LGBT makeover that should never have occurred.

We must remember that the real Santa Claus was named St. Nicolas and he was famous for saving impoverished women from having to prostitute themselves in order to feed themselves. He would leave money anonymously for families and spared a lot of misery for many unfortunate and disadvantaged girls.

Some users did say things about how this was “a sign of humanity and against hate speech,” though it was never explained how painting a historical straight man as gay was helpful in this regard.

Would homosexuals feel the same if one of their icons was painted as straight?

The fact is, many users were sickened by the foul addition of gay chocolate Santa’s invading store shelves.

It’s so sad. Why do you have to debase and abandon old customs? I’ll never understand why you have to make Santa Claus into a Zipfel man. Christmas is part of our culture,” observed one commenter.

This is the candy that falsely represents a respected saint who saved woman from prostitution and heartache with his own inheritance money.

Noticing that Islam gets treated with kid-gloves while the holy name of Christ gets defamed and tarnished right down to every tradition, one social media user wrote, “We have had so many mosques built, but I will never understand why we have to turn Santa Claus into ‘Zipfelmann.'”

Nor does anyone else.

Source: Breitbart News