Sanders Torches NBC Reporter

PUBLISHED: 8:00 PM 25 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 8:04 PM 25 Jan 2018

Sanders Slams Reporter For Implying Trump Was Complicit In Kentucky School Shooting

He Asked What The President Was “Specifically Doing” To Stop Shootings

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is making reporters regret their ridiculous questions.

Earlier this week, a 15-year-old teen was arrested after opening fire at a high school in Kentucky. As a consequence of the attack, two people were killed and at least seventeen others were injured.

Shockingly, during a White House press conference in the wake of the terrible tragedy, a reporter implied that President Donald Trump was complicit in the shooting. Thankfully, though, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was quick to completely shut him down.

Specifically, while speaking to Sanders earlier this week, NBC’s Peter Alexander asked, “what has the president done since October to prevent any of the shootings from taking place?”

Before giving him an answer, Sanders first utterly condemned what just happened in Kentucky. “I think first and foremost, [it’s important] to recognize that any loss of life is incredibly sad at any shooting in any school across this country is something that should never happen. Students fearing for their lives while they’re attempting to get an education is unacceptable. The president believes that all Americans deserve to be safe in their schools and in their communities.”

After condemning the attack, Sanders then went on to explain what President Trump has done so far to combat gun violence. “We’ve tried to crack down on crime throughout the country. “The president instructed his administration to make the recent crime wave a top priority,” she explained, adding, “some of the things they’ve accomplished in that process and been focused on is they’ve charged more defendants with violent crime offenses than in any year in decades, they’ve charged the most federal firearm prosecutions in a decade, and they’ve convicted 1,200 gang members and took down numerous drug trafficking organizations all in an attempt to help create safer and better communities and certainly safer schools.”

Alexander, however, wasn’t pleased with her answer. “We all agree that we want students to be safe [while] at schools. And we all agree that we don’t want there to be [any] crime, but what is the president specifically doing? You guys said at the time today was not the day but we should have the…policy conversation. So the question is, what is the policy the president is willing to pursue or actively direct others to pursue to help make sure that these students are safe?” he pressed.

“I know the department of justice instructed the ATF to do a thorough review on a number of firearm provisions,” replied Sanders. “That is ongoing and it will be submitted to the office of management and budget. We’re going through that process. That policy review and that policy discussion [are both] taking place,” she continued.

“At the same time, the president has instructed the department of justice to crack down and make the crime way that took place long before the president came into office a major priority,” added Sanders, noting, “and you’re seeing that happen.”  

Still unsatisfied, Alexander asked, “will the president come before the nation and tell Americans how he feels about this issue and tries to do what he can with the bully pulpit?”

In response, she told him, “I think he has Peter.” Clearly disgusted, Sanders then proceeded to completely shut him down. “Let me be very clear on this, the fact that you’re basically accusing the President of being complicit in a school shooting is outrageous!” she chastised.  

Upon being confronted, Alexander argued that President Trump recently did the same thing with a new campaign advertisement claiming that Democrats “will be complicit in every murder committed by illegal immigrants,” telling her, “it’s his advertisement that accuses the Democrats of being complicit on a different topic! I’m not accusing the president of anything.”

Sanders, though, immediately highlighted the flaw in his reasoning. “Ignoring the fact of the safety and security of our borders is very different,” she argued. After pointing this out, she then reiterated the fact that the Trump administration has been actively cracking down on crime and stormed out of the room.

Unsurprisingly, this is not the first time in the past few weeks that Sanders has pushed back against a reporter’s absurd claim. A few weeks ago, for instance, Sanders outraged many on the left after she used her incredible intellect to shut down CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Specifically, while speaking to Sanders earlier this week at a White House press conference, Acosta asked, “there seems to be a pattern…where the president watches something on Fox & Friends…There have been folks out there who’ve said there’s a cause and effect. He watches something on ‘Fox & Friends’ and then he tweets about it. Is that [happening]and does that go on?”

In response, Sanders stated, “I’m sure you’re disappointed that he’s not watching CNN.”

Upon hearing this, Acosta replied, “I think he’s watching a lot of CNN if you don’t mind me saying.”

Without hesitation, though, Sanders completely dismissed his claim. “I don’t think that’s true. I think your numbers would be higher,” countered Sanders, whose comments were met with gasps and groans. Acosta then tried to defend his employer but Sanders refused to dwell on the subject and promptly went on to talk about other topics.  

Without a doubt, Sanders has been doing an excellent job of keeping reporters in check thus far. Hopefully, she keeps it up!