PUBLISHED: 7:35 PM 7 Nov 2017
UPDATED: 9:51 PM 7 Nov 2017

Sanders Official Comes Forward, Says They Were Forced To Support Hillary…Or Else

Tezlyn Figaro talks openly about how Sander was cheated.

Tezlyn Figaro talks openly about how Sander was cheated.

Tezlyn Figaro (pictured) talks openly about how Sander was cheated.

Conservatives and libertarians who are honest with themselves have to admit that, though it hurts the very soul to admit it, there is a better than average chance that we would be talking about President Bernie Sanders if Hillary Clinton and the DNC had not cheated him. It isn’t baffling to those on the right that those who embraced the Vermont socialist hated Donald Trump on election day a year ago (today), but it is mind-blowing that those who supported Sanders voted in large numbers for the woman who had cheated him!

Many refused to accept the fact that the cheating happened because Senator Sanders (I-VT) himself….somehow….stood by the former First Lady as even the Trump campaign scratched their heads over the matter. The Gateway Pundit has shown today that those who chose to kid themselves about what “Crooked” Hillary did to “The Bern” can no longer do so now that a Sanders campaign official appeared on Hannity and said that they had to play ball or end up like Donna Brazile.

Bazile is being attacked from all sides because she was brave enough to expose what corruption was seen from the DNC during last year’s election. The Pundit writes that “delegates felt intimidated to vote for Hillary Clinton in the primary or face backlash.

This is not the way that our system is to work. Our whole structure of law is geared against such pressure, and yet there it is. It is as if our nation was suddenly a banana republic. All that anyone can seem to do is blame Mr. Trump for a dossier that the DNC wrote lying about him. Democrats were clearly the problem in the whole election (keep in mind, Sanders is officially an Independent, not a Democrat).

This was about keeping outsiders out and it is why so many in the G.O.P. tried to derail the Trump train.

Speaking on the matter, at last, Tezlyn Figaro said, “For them to crucify her for speaking the truth is an injustice. No one is saying people went in and changed the voting machines. What we’re saying is the super-delegates, the 700 super-delegates… used their power to influence these communities.” This goes a long way in explaining how Bernie kept winning and Clinton kept getting delegates.

The DNC is a private group, so to say that rigging the delegate count “broke the law” is a bit much. The G.O.P. did the same detestable thing to Ron Paul in 2012 and it cost him dearly, so no single party is immune. However, if some within the process felt intimidated or blackmailed, that is very illegal and needs to be investigated.

After Sander was cheated, he was told to play ball or end up like Donna Brazile is now.

After Sander was cheated, he was told to play ball or end up like Donna Brazile (pictured) is now.

On Fox News with Hannity, Figaro also admitted live on air, “We went out to these locations and the people told us that they wanted to support Senator Sanders but could not because of the backlash that pretty much Donna Brazile is receiving now.”

To be certain, the world is a better place with Mr. Trump in the Oval Office. Bernie Sanders would have bankrupted us and sent our taxes to the stratosphere, but that is not the point. No one stood up for Mr. Paul when it happened to him in Iowa and on the convention floor, and it hurt the party greatly. This is not a partisan issue.

The socialist was done wrong.

This socialist was done wrong.

More importantly, these issues and others all need to be resolved well before the next presidential election cycle. Those opposed to Trump’s leadership can be expected to be more bloodthirsty and dishonest than ever before.

That means that voters who care about honesty need to be more resolute than ever before, even if that means exposing what was done to Mr. Sanders who we really don’t like very much.

Source: The Gateway Pundit