FEC Fines Bernie Sanders

PUBLISHED: 12:19 AM 2 Mar 2018

Sanders Fined For Receiving Australian Campaign Funding

And they say Trump meddled in the election.

The Bernie Sanders campaign received contributions from the Australian Labor Party.

Bernie Sanders is in hot water over foreign campaign contributions, after accepting assistance from Australian volunteers who were financially backed by the Australian Labor Party.

The Australian Labor Party is a democratic socialist party that wants what every socialist wants: an imaginary land where everything is fairly distributed. It would seem to the desirable thinker that perhaps you would screen foreign volunteers for compensation that could be viewed as campaign contributions.

Americans deserve a basic level of competency in following the law by a national campaign. The public has to fight the stupid ideas of a political system that repeatedly fails and leaves mass destruction in its wake. It should be expected that proponents of this idea operate under the assumption that it is alright to use money that does not belong to them.

The Sanders political team stated that the young people were paid a stipend and airfare to come and “learn about American politics.”

Sanders assures his followers that the fine paid to the Federal Election Commission was made in order to avoid a long and expensive legal battle. The campaign does not believe that any rules had been broken.

Foreign contributions to American election campaigns violate U.S. law. It is an unfair practice and threatens the electoral process. Unlike cyber bots, actual Australians were paid to influence the American voter face-to-face.

This is the least of the problems of the Bernie Sanders campaign, which suffered many setbacks in the election process. Many understand that the Democratic Party failed to nominate the person that was put forward by the voters in the primary. The former DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said that if Sanders was cheated during the 2016 Presidential primary race, it was a protected action under the first amendment.

Wikileaks was instrumental in exposing how the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton cheated Bernie Sanders out of the nomination. Many believe that he would have gone on to defeat President Trump.

The Sanders campaign organizer has attempted to legally obtain information from the hacked DNC server, which would reveal the nefarious activity of the Democratic leadership during that time. It would also serve to deliver information on the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.

Currently, the Sanders family is ratcheting up their efforts to elect two other members from among their ranks.

Levi, Bernie Sanders’ son, is seeking election to a congressional seat in New Hampshire. Bernie’s stepdaughter is running for office in Burlington and promises to focus on schools. This is ironic considering Jane Sanders’ performance at Burlington College.

Jane, Bernie Sanders’ wife, is still under FBI investigation for the misinformation submitted on a bank loan application. Mrs. Sanders is believed to have made $200,000 dollars, while the college was financially ruined and closed for good.

This socialist family may have different ideas about their money, and what is best for the economy and society as a whole.

During Jane Sanders’ presidency at the college, the school is said to have been “gouged” in a “sweetheart deal” by the Vermont Woodworking School, in partnership with Driscoll. The arrangement awarded about a million dollars to the school.

The handling of this case by the Federal Bureau of Investigation is, for some, a threat to the credibility of the federal law enforcement agency. Alan Dershowitz called it a “dangerous example” of abuse of the FBI in order to “criminalize politics.”

This latest fine handed down to the Sanders campaign by the Federal Election Commission may also be a punishment that is politically motivated by bias.

Additionally, in 2013, the IRS was caught targeting political groups with audits and denials of their tax-free status. This sort of abuse by federal “alphabet agencies” is now commonplace.

The political landscape of the United States of America, with its terrible actors, is a wretched hive of scum and villainy. The country needs new leadership, regardless of party affiliation.

When did being liberal devolve into criminals and communism? It is possible to care about the working-class and want some level of regulation over the economy, and still defend personal liberty and conservative values such as fiscal responsibility.

Bernie Sanders probably did not know about some Australian college students, or about whatever it was that they actually did during their probe into the American political system. Nevertheless, his actions do not support the idealistic dreams of the defunct socialist ideology. That is unless you understand that to be stealing or defrauding, not redistributing.