Murder Videoed In Subway

PUBLISHED: 4:31 PM 5 Feb 2019

Sanctuary City Sees Afternoon Murder By MS-13 In Subway

The incident highlights the danger of sanctuary for citizens as the gang members’ altercation ends in the violent murder.

New Yorkers were treated to an afternoon murder on a subway platform carried out by an MS-13 gang member.

Nothing like having a sanctuary where MS-13 gang members can murder their rivals on the Subway on a Sunday afternoon… that’s the American dream, right?

In New York, an MS-13 gang member, who had been previously arrested, was taken into custody after a video of the murder went viral on social media.

The cell phone video posted by Twitter user Bidur Bista shows a man being savagely beaten on the city subway platform, then gun shots are heard.

“The New York Police Department (NYPD) told The Daily Caller News Foundation over email the victim was identified as 20-year-old Abel Mosso, who was an 18th Street gang member. Mosso was shot in the face multiple times.

“NYPD Chief of Detectives Dermot Shea said the scuffle started on a subway train headed to Manhattan and continued on a train platform, according to ABC7 on Monday.”

“There is what you see in the widely circulated viral video,” Shea told ABC7. “A gun appears and we have an individual shot. We believe approximately five or six shots are fired during this incident striking the victim multiple times in the face.”

Shea added the alleged shooter is an MS-13 member who has been previously arrested and was part of a “criminal group gang case” in the city.

So, this violent predator was allowed to roam free?

“This incident is beyond horrifying,” Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) spokesman Max Young said, Fox News reported.

“While our system and the city are safer than ever before, we have zero tolerance for any violence on our subways and buses, and the safety of our customers and employees will always be our number one priority,” Young added.

Of course, that safety doesn’t extend to deporting illegal aliens or prosecuting a group of drunken brawlers who one officer had to fight.

NYPD told reporters it does not have any “gun or shell casings recovered.” The person in custody has “yet to be charged,” in the ongoing investigation.

Many people ask if he will actually be deported, or if he will spend a few years in prison, living at the expense of American taxpayers and then be released back into the city.

Watch the brutal slaying below.

Warning: Extreme Violence

The twitter post has already been censored.