Result of Dem Policy

PUBLISHED: 5:17 PM 6 Aug 2021

San Francisco Is A Third World Country: Woman Leans Out Of Car With AK

Pay close attention here… this is what they want the rest of the nation to look like.

Killing civilization, one democrat policy at a time. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

The determined result of democrat (aka communist) policies is the complete and utter breakdown of society, where we all live in jungle-law. If you need proof… look at San Francisco (or another Democrat-controlled city) and monitor the criminal activity… it’s skyrocketing.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Meanwhile in San Francisco

A woman sitting “shotgun” leaned out of her car holding an AK-47 in San Francisco on Barneveld Avenue and McKinnon Avenue.

It is unclear if the woman was arrested.

The San Francisco Police Department posted the photo of the woman on Tuesday and said the incident happened on July 11.

“On 7/11/2021, During an illegal exhibition of speed event at Barneveld & McKinnon, a passenger leaned out of a Cadi holding an AK47; see photo. SFPD Traffic Company personnel worked up a case, and seized this particular vehicle today.” SFPD said in a tweet.