PUBLISHED: 5:21 PM 10 Jan 2018

JUST IN: San Francisco, Clinton Appointed Judge Keeps DACA Amnesty In Place

Judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, William Haskell Alsup goes from district judge to immigration expert and legislator supreme.

Judge of the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, William Haskell Alsup goes from district judge to immigration expert and legislator supreme.

A federal judge in San Francisco ruled in favor of an injunction forcing the DACA program to remain active. Set to expire in March, the judge ruling came late on Tuesday and declared the Dream Act will not expire while Congress debates the issue.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) has been indefinitely expanded by the whims of a judicial official. United States District Judge William Alsup has decided to be the ultimate authority in the immigration discussion on Capitol Hill. Being part of the judiciary branch, the judge shatters what defines the checks and balances of the three branches of government. 

Observing the slow pace of Congress, the judge removes much of the momentum and negotiating power from the legislative process. The need for urgency has been removed from the Democrats, as well, Republicans can no longer push for compromise while running out the clock.

Because of the ruling from the San Francisco judge, Democrat officials have no reason to return to the issue of DACA. Funded indefinitely, the drain on taxpayer dollars has been sealed by the Bill Clinton appointed Ninth Circuit Appeals court judge.

San Francisco has become a sanctuary city seeing the death of Kate Steinle without any justice for the family. The city has also made moves to block any cooperation with federal agents in the capture of illegal criminals.

The Ninth Circuit has stood in the way of the President’s agenda before. The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit blocked some of the president’s earlier attempts at national security. The original travel ban proposed by the president was blocked in courts by another Ninth Circuit judge.

White House spokesperson, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has called the ruling “outrageous”. Sanders said on Wednesday the actions completely disregard the rule of law and the legislative process. She continued to elaborate how dedicated President Trump is in getting relief for the dreamers.

The ruling came hours after President Trump hosted a meeting with 25 legislators on immigration. The bipartisan committee came together to hold serious and civil talks deliberating multiple issues including DACA and the wall. In an unprecedented move, the law-making meeting was broadcasted on live television.

President Trump told the room of legislators and press personnel the forthcoming immigration policy needs to be a “bill of love”. Showing compassion for the people illegally trafficked against their will, the president shows a willingness to work with the victims entitled under the Dream Act. The president followed his statement with a remark calling for greater border security.

Inferring the building of a wall, the negotiation tactic the president is proposing to trade. An appeasement for the dreamers, and in exchange a wall promoting national security seems a small price. Also, on the negotiating table is an end to chain migration and an end to the immigration lottery.

The president is so excited about the potential of the immigration policies, he believes that a solution to DACA is a small step to comprehensive immigration reform. President Trump announced he is willing to “take the heat” as he reaches across the aisle and looks to the future in making America great again.

The elected officials came together to search for a resolution to the unconstitutional executive order from President Obama. The act aimed to make legal the small children illegally brought into the country. The executive order was never debated in the halls of Congress. The proposal was never voted on by the people.

Still, the judge found illegal persons have earned protections based on an obtuse overgeneralization stating these young people are well-behaved members of society. The city of San Francisco has worked against the policies of the president before. 

When President Trump and his administration granted more power to federal agencies in course of detaining criminal illegal aliens, the city of San Francisco blocked municipal authorities from cooperating with the federal agents.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers receive no support from local authorities when the agents work to enforce the laws of the United States. Endangering the lives of federal employees and increasing the costs to taxpayers, sanctuary cities like San Francisco are a burden to the American people.

By halting the agenda of the president, the courts have added additional burdens to taxpayers and reinforce the divisive nature being experienced in the United States. As with most ruling to come out of the Ninth Circuit court of Appeals, the ruling will be taken from the appellate to the Supreme Court of California.