Taxi Drivers Filth

PUBLISHED: 9:52 PM 31 Aug 2018

San Fran Cabbies Emailed For Using Parking Lots Like Bathrooms

The airport is seeing waste even in the stairwells.

What happens in THIS airport parking lot (and elsewhere on the property) stinks to high heaven.

WARNING: This story contains truncated vulgarities which some readers may find to be offensive. 

The West, particularly in places like open border areas like England and San Francisco, California, are having a HUGE problem with people using the open environment as a bathroom. The San Francisco Examiner has confirmed that things are not improving very much in the liberal city as cabbies there are now in hot water for using the parking lot at the airport like an outhouse.

This unsanitary problem is so severe that the San Francisco International Airport has called the foul practices a “health hazard” in an open email sent to taxi drivers. Seth Morgan, a senior transportation planner at SFO, wrote the  message, which was posted “to a taxi message board.”

In the email, Morgan wrote that “San Francisco Police Department and SFO security patrols” have had to increase due to the rampant use of the public parking lot as a bathroom. Cabbies are even urinating and defecating on the steps!

Airport staff have noticed an increased rate of urination and defecation in the rear of SFO Taxi Lot #3 and nearby stairwells,” the planner declared. “This creates a highly unsanitary condition and a health hazard for SFO custodians and other staff handling the materials stored in these areas.”

Of course, the added manpower will almost certainly be added to the average flyer’s ticket prices, too.

To be honest, many commercial drivers have used various bottles to relieve themselves in and bands have even written humorous songs about it. However, while that is hardly a justification for the practice, it is a far cry from wasting on the steps like an animal.

Some of these problems arise because no driver wants to leave the area or cabstand because the trips that are taken from the airport are often some of the best paying fares that a cabbie may get all day, and leases can be very, very high. Still, since the matter has gotten so out of hand, “additional enforcement action” will be taken against offenders, the email also said.

After all, this isn’t about dollars, it is about laziness. There are 24-hour locations that drivers may use the restrooms at and they are allowed to leave their taxis in certain lots to do it.

Morgan has issued the warning: “Regular patrols through this area are being added both during the day and overnight, including during open lot hours.”

John Lazar, former owner of Luxor Cab Co., did not expect to see such a posting. “I don’t think our cab drivers are that much of a degenerate so they piss and sh*t on the streets,” he stated.

He added, “SFO lines are money-makers for cab drivers, so it’s easy for SFO to enforce the rules.”

The airport could “say if you don’t use the bathroom, you lose your place in line,” and that would certainly solve the issue.

Tariq Mehmood, a cabbie who is said to “rally around” driver causes said that bathrooms are only about 60-feet from the cabstands. Even this taxi driver activist did not side with the lazy drivers. “The bathroom is close enough,” he proclaimed.

Perhaps this problem is growing due to some migrants who don’t care (or know any better), lazy drivers who have no empathy for the cleaning crew, or a combination of many other factors. Either way, it has to stop. Many diseases can be transmitted thanks to open defecation and those maladies can be life-threatening.

Hopefully, everyone still cares about that.