Obama, Comey Sued

PUBLISHED: 8:12 PM 10 Jul 2018

Sailor Sues Obama, Comey For Not Prosecuting Hillary Clinton

The lawsuit contends Obama, Lynch, Comey, McCabe, and Strzok gave Hillary Clinton a pass while prosecuting him.

Obama gets blasted for calling Benghazi attack a conspiracy.

The former U.S. Navy sailor pardoned by President Donald Trump after serving one year in prison for taking photos of classified areas of a nuclear submarine he was stationed on has filed a lawsuit against numerous Obama administration officials, according to Fox News.

Kristian Saucier alleges in his lawsuit that several top Obama officials subjected him to unequal protection under the law. Around the same time that Saucier was sentenced and jailed for sharing classified information, the FBI admitted that Hillary Clinton had sent and received hundreds of email from her private server that contained classified information.

Why was Saucier forced to spend one year in federal prison when Clinton did the exact same thing, but in a more egregious fashion?

His lawsuit names as defendants former President Barack Obama, former FBI Director James Comey, former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and Peter Strzok, the anti-Trump FBI agents who oversaw the Clinton email investigation.

Speaking to Fox News about his suit, Saucier said the Obama administration scapegoated him so they could appear to care about people who don’t protect classified information. Yet, the bureau admitted Clinton compromised classified information, but the same Obama officials allowed Clinton to skirt charges.

Here’s his statement to Fox:

“I could have just taken the pardon by President Trump and gone on with my life. The U.S. Constitution clearly states that all citizens are born with inalienable rights to be free from persecution by the government.

“My conviction and subsequent sentence for a minor military infraction compared to the treatment of politically connected individuals is a glaring example of a violation of the rights of all Americans to have equal protection under the law.”

In 2016, Saucier pleaded guilty to taking photos of classified sections of the nuclear-powered submarine he worked on in 2009. Saucier admitted that he knew the photos were classified and that he shouldn’t have taken them, but said he wanted to show his family.

Federal investigators admitted in court that there was no evidence that he showed the photographs to foreign agents or intended to hand them over to anyone.

Trump railed against the Obama administration during the 2016 presidential campaign for throwing Saucier in jail while letting Clinton run for president. Saucier took a few photos, Clinton sent thousands of emails on an unsecured server that contained classified information.

Trump pardoned Saucier in March, saying the Obama administration abused its power and maliciously prosecuted the former Navy sailor to save face for giving Clinton a pass.

But many Americans are still infuriated over the Obama administration ruining Saucier’s life, slandering him in court, and making him spend more than a year in prison for something he did nearly a decade ago.

Clinton deliberately broke the law thousands of times by compromising classified information with her illegal email server, yet she was completely saved by Obama and his allies.

Saucier’s lawsuit has a good shot of gaining traction in court, as the FBI admitted that Clinton broke the law. Justice may finally be served to these corrupt Obama officials.