PUBLISHED: 5:46 PM 11 Dec 2017

JUST IN: Sailor Busted! Viral Hate Slur Hoax Proven As Navy Decides ‘No Crime’ Committed

Admiral John M. Richardson of the United States Navy, is the current CNO (Chief of Naval Operations), and was appointed to that position under Barack Obama. It is likely from his office that the orders came to make sure the sailors of the USS George H.W. Bush came.

Admiral John M. Richardson of the United States Navy, is the current CNO (Chief of Naval Operations), and was appointed to that position under Barack Obama. It is likely from his office that the orders came to make sure the sailors of the USS George H.W. Bush will sit through additional political correctness sensitivity training.

The U.S. Military has had a few high-profile hate crimes come to light recently.  First was the racist messages on whiteboards at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Then came the claims of mistreatment of women recruits in various infantry schools across the Marine Corps and Army.  At the end of November, a sailor in the Navy even had to endure the dignity of having his bunk tossed and a racial slur written on his bed!

All three of these claims have one thing in common; they are all hoaxes.  The USAFA scandal was done by students trying to get out of trouble for other wrongdoing.  There is no proof that any infantry school has unfairly treated a woman candidate.  And Marquie Little, a 27-year-old African American crew member aboard the carrier, the USS George H.W. Bush, made up the entire thing.

When a hate-crime (or any other serious crime) is suspected of being committed in the Navy, naval investigators (commonly known as the NCIS, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service) are dispatched to review the scene and attempt to bring the offending criminal to justice.  The United States Navy, the most powerful navy on the planet, is responsible for projecting United States military might across the world, into the oceans, and providing back up for many operations, and crimes that would threaten the morale of the group are important to clear up lest they damage the morale of minority seamen.

The USS George H. W. Bush is one of the largest carriers in operation, with a crew of 5,000 sailors and a compliment of 80 aircraft.

Marquie’s account of the events, which he posted to various social media accounts with the use of a pseudonym, has been shared across the country and the world over 20,500 times as of this writing, and it is likely to be shared more.  After all, a lie can get ‘round the world while the truth is still pulling its boots on.

And Marquie’s lie, which was discovered by NCIS to be false after they realized that his accounts contained many inaccuracies, is one which threatens the United States Navy with lost productivity.  It also threatens to continue a year-long pattern of making false accusations and having them be believed, to the detriment of all involved.

The Navy’s response to the existence of these claims as a hoax coming to light has been to stay the course, deciding that they would still require that sailors aboard the USS George H.W. Bush will be forced to sit through more classes on sexual and racial prejudice.  SHARP classes, as they are commonly called in the United States Army, are generally hated by the troops, and viewed as an immense waste of time by the enlisted.  It is not likely that they will be any better thought of by the Navy sailors who have to sit through them as the result of a lie by Marquie.

The U.S Army service academy, shown here, beat the Naval service academy in the annual Army-Navy game, with a score of 14 to 13 after the Navy Midshipmen failed to make a field goal from 33 yards away.  This loss is likely to be as demoralizing as the hoax claim was for the Navy.

While the reasoning behind the lie is yet to be determined, Marquie is not likely to face any extreme punishment (or indeed, any punishment at all) for lying, causing his shipmates to have to sit through useless political correctness training, and wasting the time of NCIS investigators who have real crimes to investigate.

Though these hoaxes seem to have picked up in frequency since the election of Donald Trump, our current president, they have been occurring across the United States for years.  Indeed, the events that lead to the foundation of Black Lives Matter on college campuses in the US have been found to be just such hoaxes, and the college campuses and other bastions of leftist thought in the United States are rife with fake claims of racist vandalism, people yelling racial slurs, and other similar fake or unprovable claims.

These hoax claims serve no meaningful usefulness for society, but they are often created in an attempt to profit, in one way or another, for the people who perpetrate them.  They have been used for a variety of reasons, from being utilized to make a political point to being utilized in order to avoid punishment for some sort of wrongdoing (organizations like colleges and the military are much less likely to punish someone who has just accused the school as a whole of being racist, out of fear of giving the impression of impropriety and punishing a whistleblower).

The U.S. Navy sailors, shown here in their current combat uniform, are likely to have to sit through more politically correct training in a future, which many regard enlisted regard as an immense waste of time. This is the outcome from hoax claims of racial prejudice.

The United States Navy should not tolerate in its ranks a member who would make such false claims about his fellow sailors.  Nor should they tolerate a sailor who would actually write such terrible things on a fellow sailor’s bunk.  The military should remember the standards still taught in the service academies: I shall not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do.