Muslim Mayor Demands Action

PUBLISHED: 7:15 PM 12 Mar 2018

Sadiq Khan Tells Silicon Valley To Suppress Trump, Conservatives On Social Media

London's Muslim mayor wants tech giants to silence Trump and conservative on social media.

Khan calls for Trump, conservatives to be censored online.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is calling on tech giants in Silicon Valley to censor President Donald Trump and conservatives, according to Breitbart.

Khan urged Facebook and Twitter to enact more stringent measures against those who share “hate speech,” saying fines and imprisonment may be necessary.

During his interview with BBC, Khan claimed Trump and conservatives are spreading “fake news” on social media and should have their privileges taken away.

Aside from major first amendment protections, it should concern many that a foreign mayor is calling for the President of the United States and Americans to be fined for voicing their opinions online.

Khan told the British Broadcasting Corporation that tech companies must be “chivied and cajoled to take action,” which is a subtle reference to imposing dictatorial measures.

“We have evolving economies, which means we should have evolving regulations,” he said. “For too long politicians and policymakers have allowed this revolution to take place around us and we’ve had our heads in the sand.”

Khan suggested the U.S. implement hate speech laws like Germany, which allows for fines and/or imprisonment against those who violate hate speech laws.

“Germany is an example of where the German government said ‘enough,’” he continued. “Unless you take down hate messages, unless you take down fake news, we will fine you.'”

“I want to work with the tech companies, but you have to be responsible,” he added.

Khan, a terrorist sympathizer and mass migration advocate, said Trump shouldn’t be allowed to espouse his opinion of key issues on social media.

American citizens have constitutionally protected rights to free speech, and encouraging lawmakers to infringe on that right should raise serious concerns.

Khan should spend more time worrying about the historic levels of crime and violence from radical Islamic terrorists taking over London than demanding social media companies silence Trump and conservatives.

While Khan flirts with imposing a dictatorship over citizens, America’s Founding Fathers made it clear the right to free speech should never be trampled on.