PUBLISHED: 11:44 PM 2 Dec 2016

Ryan Makes COMPLETE 180 After Trump Talk, Passes HISTORIC Bill For Military Men And Women


A Complete 180!

If you live in the United States of America, then you know how important the military is to the people that live here. They protect the people here and they protect everything that the country stands for. In other words, if you are against the military you might as well be anti-American.

Over the past eight years, President Obama has done what he could to minimize the strength and stability of our military. He has weakened it to the point where it doesn’t resemble what it has looked like in the past. And that is something that cannot happen, especially with all the threats that are going on in the world.

But thankfully, the Republican led Congress has just done something to fix that. Thanks to their passing of the new National Defense Authorization Act, the United States military is going to go back to becoming a symbol of strength. And this was a bill that was passed with overwhelming margins, indicating that the lawmakers of the land were ready for some change.

The legislation adds $3.2 billion over the president’s budget request in war funds that is going to be used in case the Pentagon’s base budget falters. This is important because it offers a bit of cushion in case somehow the Pentagon falls short on something. Not only that, but it also incorporates the administrations $5.8 billion supplemental defense spending request for more troops in Afghanistan and more operations in Iraq and Syria.

Not only that, but it also funds a higher 2.1 percent troop pay raise, which is the highest pay raise for the troops in six years. It was higher than the 1.6 percent increased that was proposed by the Obama administration. In essence, the House hasn’t forgotten about the effort that the troops have put into keeping the country safe.

Not only that, but the measure also authorize more troops that was requested by the Obama administration. The House wanted 476,000 troops for the army and would authorize an 185,000-troop active-duty Marine Corp. Both of those numbers are higher than what the administration had originally requested.

And what is important to note is how many people voted to pass this measure. The total count was 375 to 34. That is important to note because it is well above the two-thirds majority that would be needed to override any presidential veto. Not only that but the NDAA is supposed to go to the Senate next week where it is also expected to pass easily.

Obama administration exposed for Doublespeaking.

Even If Obama Wanted To Veto, The House Has Enough Members To Overturn It

As with everything, there were some popular weapons programs that were cut. Additional F-35 Joint Strike Fighters, F/A-18 Super Hornets and a Littoral Combat Ship were left out of the final measure. Instead they are going to stay at the levels that the president requested in his budget.

Not only that but controversial provisions on listing the greater sage grouse as an endangered species and workplace protections based on sexual orientation were left out. And the compromise scrapped a proposal that would have required women to register for the draft. Instead of that, the Selective Service System would be studied.

House Armed Services Chairman Mac Thornberry was a little disappointed that many of the additions his panel made to weapons procurement were left out of the final report. He also said that he hopes that President-elect Donald Trump will submit a supplemental spending request for many of those items, despite the extra $3.2 billion.

“That’s not nearly enough. And my great hope is that the new incoming administration will submit to Congress a supplemental request that can really get about the job of rebuilding the military, which is so essential.” But not everything was negative as Thornberry praised the legislation as a down payment to build up readiness and reversing the military downsizing.

“It stops the layoffs of military personnel, which have been going on and at least prevents it from getting any worse. It starts to stabilize the readiness problems that area making it more and more difficult for our troops to accomplish their mission and increasingly represents a danger to their lives.”

As with previous years, the bill would bar transferring detainees held at the United States military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to the U.S., virtually guaranteeing the president’s pledge to close the prison will go unfulfilled.

House Speaker Paul Ryan released a statement praising the House for passing this bill. In his statement he specifically praised the fact that it will include the largest pay raise that the troops have seen in six years, noting that “it’s well-deserved.” Essentially this bill is going to guarantee that we are getting more troops, they are getting paid more, and they are going to be ready for anything that comes their way.


This Was Ryan’s Tweet

All of this is happening as soon as Obama is set to leave office. And that opens the door for Trump to really do what he can to help out the military in the best possible way he can. Considering all the downsizing that we have seen thanks to Obama, this new bill is a welcome sight to those that serve our great country.

These people willingly put their lives on the line to protect our citizens and they deserve to have everything that is given to them. Hopefully in the future we can see more and more bills passed like this that will make sure they get the recognition they deserve.

The military has seen it’s share of disrespect over the past eight years. And that style of thinking has made its way onto the citizens of this country. A military veteran’s memorial was damaged by protesters because they were upset at the election results. Yes these people were so upset they thought the best method would be to damage a memorial. What a wonderful gesture right?

Of course Obama doesn’t respect the United States military, but he will do what he can to make sure that other militaries are armed and dangerous. Obama gave Iran nuclear power and they were using it to threaten the United States. He doesn’t respect our military enough to arm them but he will arm other nations? It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Share this article to show people that the military has just been bolstered. We are on our way to getting a respectable military back. This deal is expected to pass the Senate as well and even if Obama wants to veto it, they will have more than enough people to overturn any veto. That is important to note. Thankfully, our military is getting back to its strength.