Russians Pick MSNBC

PUBLISHED: 12:50 AM 22 Feb 2018

Russia’s Favorite Media Personality Exposed, MSNBC Host At The Top

Joy-Ann Reid received more attention from Russian trolls than any other host.

It's almost comical that after nearly a year of claims concerning President Donald Trump allegedly colluding with Russia, Joy-Ann Reid emerged as the favorite news anchor of the Russian 'agents.'

The leftist mainstream media has spent more than a year running with the narrative that alleged ‘Russian collusion’ helped Donald Trump to become President of the United States of America. Recently, the Robert Mueller special investigation turned up more than a dozen indictments of alleged Russian agents working in America to influence elections.

It turns out that those alleged Russian agents, who seem to be more amateurish than anything else and are loosely tied to the Russian ‘Internet Research Agency (IRA),’ had a favorite journalist here in the United States while they were spreading discord.

Apparently, they just couldn’t get enough of Joy-Ann Reid, the leftist MSNBC host. However, Mueller conveniently left her name out of the indictment paperwork, but added Trump and Sanders’.

Yes, Joy-Ann Reid, who was recently interviewed and profiled by the New York Times as if a heroine of the ‘Resistance’ movement, was beloved by the IRA 13 (as some are now calling the Russian trolls).

In fact, they retweeted her stories 267 times, the most retweets their accounts gave to ANY media personality.

The second-most retweeted media ideologue was Fox News’ Sean Hannity, with far less than half as many retweets as Joy-Ann Reid received during the run-up to the 2016 election.

It is a great irony, then, that Joy-Ann Reid has been, and remains to this day, one of the most prolific media proponents of Russian collusion with President Donald Trump.

Indeed, she seems to work it in every chance that she can, and has repeatedly made statements concerning alleged Russian collusion that have been disproven.

How does she feel to know that those ‘Russian agents’ that she claims colluded to help President Donald Trump to become President also seemed to have spent a lot of time pushing forward her opinions and her show?

Of course, there’s not much evidence that Joy-Ann Reid is aware of much of what she’s talking about concerning Russia, and even less evidence that anything she suggests is correct.

Remember, this is the same MSNBC Host who believed that Russia was still a communist nation in 2016 (well over 20 years after communist Russia fell).

While the IRA 13 may have used their social media accounts to push the generally unhinged leftist ranting of Joy-Ann Reid, there’s not much information to prove that they had an impact on the election.

The IRA 13 have been indicted on violations including fraud, identity theft, immigration law violations, campaign finance rules, as well as violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

The IRA 13 certainly had impressive reach. A meme they created for Facebook, depicting Satan and Jesus arm-wrestling, managed to attain a whopping 71 ‘views’ and 14 ‘likes.’

Money spent by the IRA 13 on Facebook advertisements, according to the indictments, was ‘thousands’ of dollars a month.

Considering that Facebook makes over $3 BILLION in advertising revenue each month, that’s not a drop in the bucket.

That’s a barely noticed grain of sand on a beach.

Google’s senior legal counsel, Richard Salgado, testified that Google found 18 YouTube accounts allegedly connected to the efforts of the IRA 13.

These 18 accounts contained around 1,100 videos containing political content, which totaled 43 hours (2,580 minutes) of content.

The vast majority of the videos, according to Salgado’s testimony, had “low view counts.” Only 3 percent of the videos, or about 33 videos, had more than 5,000 views, as per Salgado’s testimony.

In other words, if this is the extent of ‘Russian collusion’ involved in the 2016 election, it is not only pathetic – it is a joke. But their work did not seem to cease with the end of the election.

Rather, they appear to have continued and to have played some role in organizing anti-Trump protests. This undermines the idea that they were hoping to get President Donald Trump elected.

Many have debated why alleged Russian collusion has remained such a long-running story, and what impact it really had on the election of President Donald Trump.

This debate has been muddied by the fact that there is evidence that the Russian influence on the election was not just designed to help President Donald Trump, but rather to stir up discord and partisan rancor on both sides of the aisle.

Perhaps, in reacting the way that Joy-Ann Reid has reacted, liberals are playing into the hands of the ‘Russian agents’ that they claim to be concerned with.

Whatever the case may be, and whatever the goals of these ‘Russian agents’ and other outside influences on our election may be, one thing is certain.

People like Joy-Ann Reid are playing right into the hands of anyone wishing to see a divided America.