PUBLISHED: 6:26 PM 18 Apr 2017
UPDATED: 7:53 PM 18 Apr 2017

Russian State Media Stuns The World, Announcing President Trump A “Hair’s Breadth” Away

Russia is worrying about where relations are headed as tensions between the U.S and Putin has never been worse.

The world is a hair’s breadth from nuclear war.”

These were the words of News presenter Dmitry Kiselyov on the pro-Kremlin news show called, “Vesti Nedeli.” It was also said that United States President Donald Trump was more dangerous than North Korea’s trigger happy leader, Kim Jong-un. Considering that NK could kill 90% of the U.S. with a well-placed EMP pulse blast from just 3 nuclear detonations high above the Earth (due to it freezing us in the coming winter) and start WWIII, that is quite a claim.

The Independent observes that Russia had been cautiously jubilant about Trump’s election until the U.S. bombed Afghanistan, spoke negatively about Russia accepting Crimea’s vote to become part of Russia, and the bombing of Syria that happened under his reign. For this reason, the presenter also said, “War can break out as a result of confrontation between two personalities: Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. Both are dangerous, but who is more dangerous? Trump is.


Trump is building respect through both action and talking, something that could end with a mutual understanding if finely done.

While such Trump hatred from a Russian standpoint can be expected, how anyone in Russian media can think that Kim Jong-un attacking the U.S. would not also trigger a nuclear war is anyone’s guess. It seems that if, from the point of view of every nation on Earth, Kim, Putin, Xi, and Trump are most likely to start a war, in that order. Trump wants peace, choosing to only strike an airfield in Syria, not invade as past U.S. leaders have. That being said, North Korea keeps threatening America with little provocation. Much of the South Korean drill that NK says is a cause of rage is only happening due to the nation’s threats, not due to other nations choosing to threaten them initially.

The Russian perspective does offer some insightful angles, however, For one, it is true that Kim Jong-un was prepared for talks until joint South Korean and American training involving faux nuclear weapons happened. While Russia conveniently fails to mention that North Korea has provoked both their southern neighbors and the U.S, it is also true that China and the Russians were prepared to halt Kim’s manic ways if the drills were muted. Instead, the U.S. and SK ramped up action in many ways. With China more worried about American access to their mainland when Kim falls than they are about seeing NK leadership change, the nuances of their stance can be understood, even though not agreed with.


The true scope of what a nuclear war would entail is beyond the realm of imagination.

Such concerns will need to be heard and understood by the White House fully, which is one of the reasons that many are wondering about the mindsets of some of the Presidents cabinet members. The Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, dodged the question as to whether the view on Trump vs. Kim was shared by them saying, “His position is close, but not every time.”

Mr. Kiselyov (who has made statements about how Russia could turn the United States into “radioactive ash” in the past) said “He (Kim Jong-un) is after all on his home territory. He doesn’t plan to attack anyone just for the sake of it.” While this sounds like the U.S. is on a war-happy footing, it is simply not true in regards to North Korea. The nation offers only one tour to outsiders, for instance, and it was started years before Trump was anything but a rich TV host, according to the left. What did the tour offer? The same that it does today: mandatory bow to their dead founder, “The Eternal Leader,” so-called “minders” who limit where anyone can go and what they can film while there (disobey them and one is expelled or worse), and ceaseless talk about how the U.S. needs to be attacked with nuclear weapons.


Unlike Kim Jong-un (pictured), Donald Trump does not look forward to going to war with anyone.

It is said that Russia was awaiting talks towards better relations with the U.S. but as they see it, Trump has failed to deliver on his promises made while on the trail. That was due to Democrats who badgered both Putin and Trump with fake news about hacking for Clinton, Russian prostitutes, and all-out slander. Trump has said that such careless banter from those who ranked so highly in U.S. politics would diminish his ability to smooth things over with Putin, and he was right again. In this instance, he wishes greatly that he had not been.

It is reported that only 7% of Russians had a negative view of Trump before recent issues have put that number at 39%. “The US missile strike on Syria was a ‘cold shower’ for many Russians,” is what the pollster’s general director, Valery Fedorov, said. He also stated that “Donald Trump’s aggressive behavior has resurrected distrust and ill-will towards America, something that has characterized Russian society for the last two decades.” For this reason, Putin has taken a very keen interest into how Trump handles North Korea. Any action that is not supported by both China, as well as Russia, could be seen as an act of war. That is how delicate the glue is that is stopping all out nuclear warfare.


While much of the world praised President Trump for his action in Syria, it did cause concern in Russia.

Donald Trump is fully aware of this and is someone who most Americans trust for sound judgment. That being said, much of America does not trust some of the people who are advising him. Some have said the left hacking, spying, and “unmasking” Flynn out of the cabinet (a man known for a calm but firm hand towards Russia) was an idea that will haunt the U.S. for the coming periods.

More anti-Russian hotheads are seen by some to have been given Flynn’s power and influence. It is worthy to note the irony of George W. Bush having Condoleeza Rice on his staff when she had many degrees in Russian Studies while at war with Iraq. Now in 2017, Rice has long retired and most of Trump’s cabinet members are experts in the Middle East.

Regardless, Trump was picked by the American people because we knew that Kim Jong-un has been threatening South Korea and starving their own people in the streets since Kim Jong-il was alive, and even prior. We knew that Russia was livid over Obama, Bush and NATO planting weapons on Putin’s doorstep. We knew about the war in Syria, too, and we trusted Mr. Trump. Considering that Clinton would have probably had boots on the ground, leaving many Americans dead by now, it is time to unite behind Trump. It is also important to remind him the importance of keeping his eyes firmly focusses on what he promised the people who supported him. Since Trump has talks with Russia underway and China helping the NK, no promise has yet been broken in this matter.