Real Russian Collusion

PUBLISHED: 10:23 AM 28 May 2018
UPDATED: 3:45 AM 29 May 2018

Russian Lobbyist Connected to Fusion GPS Provides Evidence Of Real Collusion

He worked to set the Trump campaign up!

A Russian lobbyist connected to Fusion GPS provided evidence, likely by mistake, of the real Russian collusion in 2016. It involved Fusion GPS, not the Trump campaign.

The Robert Mueller special investigation into claims of Russian ‘collusion’ with the Donald Trump campaign (and vice-versa) has begun to crumble in court. At this point, it seems like most of the claims have little to no evidence behind them, and most of the indictments were simply public relations maneuvers.

In an interesting twist, however, recent testimony released by the Senate Judiciary Committee showed a strange relationship between Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson and a Russian individual who was at the much-maligned June 9, 2016 Donald Trump Jr. meeting at Trump Tower. Rinat Akhmetshi, who called the GPS executive his ‘colleague,’ showed through his emails that the real story of ‘Russian collusion’ involved the deep state, the DNC, and Fusion GPS.

Much of the legal basis for the ‘Trump-Russia’ special investigation came from ‘evidence’ found by Fusion GPS and provided by Christopher Steele, a British Intelligence agent. That ‘evidence’ was used by members of the deep state who were part of Barack Obama’s administration to go after Donald Trump’s campaign members, including Carter Page and Paul Manafort.

But it seems that Fusion GPS, who paid for the mostly-debunked document written by Steele, had a strange connection of its own to a Russian lobbyist. This lobbyist just happened to be the guy who set up the infamous ‘Trump Tower’ meeting, and his emails show strange collusion with his ‘colleague,’ Glenn Simpson.

The co-founder of the organization, Glenn Simpson, was tied to Russian-born Washington lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshi by testimony the lobbyist himself gave before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

A number of emails show a relationship between the two of some sort, with Akhmentshi even calling Simpson his colleague.  He also wrote in an email that he would be traveling for a week, but that Simpson could inform the recipient of new developments.

Akhmetshi was at the Trump Tower meeting. According to Donald Trump Jr.’s account of the meeting, he was told it concerned opposition research that would be useful against Hillary Clinton, perhaps even information concerning her ties in Russia.

In an interesting twist, Akhmetshi also claimed, in front of the SJC, that he had ties to not only Simpson and Fusion GPS, but also to Natalia Veselnitskaya.

The Russian-born lobbyist admitted that he helped her get in front of the cameras at NBC, where she claimed that she met with Trump Jr., and that she was working as an agent of the Russian government (a claim that, to this day, has still never been positively proved).

According to testimony given to the Senate, she met with candidate Trump’s son thanks to the efforts of Rob Goldstone, who told the future member of the first family that the female Russian lawyer and self-proclaimed ‘Russian agent’ had opposition information on Clinton to share with the campaign.

For his part, Trump Jr. admitted that he went to the meeting hoping that It would reveal information about the democrat nominee.

Instead, it turned out that the meeting was about opposing the Magnitsky Act, a bill passed in 2012 that intended to punish Russian officials believed to be responsible for the death of Russian tax accountant Sergei Magnitsky, who died in a Moscow prison in 2009.

The Fusion GPS co-founder never mentioned that the had someone at the Trump Jr. meeting, or that he had such a close relationship to the Russian-born lobbyist.

This sequence of coincidences, however, seems to suggest that Fusion GPS was manipulating events for their own ends. It further seems like many of their sources were dedicated not just to pushing the thoroughly fabricated Steele dossier, but also hoping that they could place the Trump campaign into a precarious position that provided the appearance of impropriety.

Akhmetshi claimed that when he went to the meeting in 2016, he had no idea about the dossier that the man who called him his ‘colleague’ was funding. He claimed that he heard about some of the more salacious portions of the document due to his contacts in the media, and that he heard about the dossier before BuzzFeed made it public, however.

The person who seemingly initiated the entire meeting at Trump Tower, which became the basis for many claims of ‘Russian collusion’ hurled by leftists and media organizations, was Aras Agalarov, a man with deep ties to Vladimir Putin.

At this point, the whole sequence of events seems like something out of a spy novel.

Was it Akhmetshi who put out the claim that the meeting in New York City was some sort of collusion, or who put someone in front of the media to push a story of cooperation with the Russian government?

Or was Agalarov, who has deep ties to Vladimir Putin, acting on behalf of his fatherland’s government, hoping to introduce chaos and discord into the presidential campaign while Russian organizations did the same via social media posts?

Was Akhmetshi, who has ties to deep state members like Glenn Simpson, working on behalf of the deep state to cast a cloud over the Trump campaign?

The more that comes to light about the actions surrounding the investigation, the more it seems that none of the media leaks or claims were made by accident. The careful planning surrounding these claims of collusion and impropriety suggest the hand of some entity behind them. The only question is who, and what was Akhmetshi’s role?

At this point, it seems that he was working on behalf of Fusion GPS, and that he was actively working to besmirch the campaign’s reputation.