PUBLISHED: 8:34 PM 4 Jan 2017

Russian Fleet Now Moving Into Position In Allied Territory, Foreshadowing Incoming Showdown Jan 20

The Russian navy arrives in the Philippines under a fog of questions.

The Russian navy arrives in the Philippines under a fog of questions.

The Russian navy arrives in the Philippines under a fog of questions.

As President Obama continues the destructive path to alienate some of the Us’s most loyal longstanding allies, Russia appears to be strengthening ties to those same alliances. On Tuesday, as the Russian Navy entered the Philippines harbor, the deputy commander of the Russian Pacific Fleet announced the intent of the rare stop in Manila.

According to an MSN report, Rear Admiral Eduard Mikhailov stated joint war games being planned will “focus on maritime piracy and terrorism, which he described as the region’s two top security concerns.”

“We’re very sure that in the future we’ll get such exercises with you, (Philippine Navy) maybe just the maneuvering or maybe use some combat systems and so on,” Mikhailov told reporters beside the docked Russian destroyer Admiral Tributs.

Is this a sign of what will be a future alliance between the US and Russia as both President-elect Trump and Russian President Putin have suggested in recent weeks? Or is this in response to Obama’s alienation of the US vital strategic outpost after attacking the new Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte?

Duterte stands up to Obama

Duterte stands up to Obama following the “anointed one’s” complete failure in establishing a solid alliance with the new Filipino president.

A former American colony, the Philippines have a mutual defense agreement with the US and has been one of the Us’s most valuable and loyal allies in Asia, at least until Obama caused a fracas with his criticism of Duterte.

According to  Filipino Navy’s Commodore Francisco Cabudao, who welcomed the Russian ships, this was only the third time the Russian Navy has been in the Philippines. During the ceremony, Mikhailov also suggested this could be the first step in holding more regional exercises in the South Asian sea.

“We really hope that in a few years, the military exercises for example in your region, in the South China Sea, will (involve) for example, not only Russia-Philippines, but Russia, Philippines, China and maybe Malaysia together,” he said.

The South Asian Sea has been under tense scrutiny as China has escalated its military might over disputed territorial claims, especially over Taiwan for decades. However those tensions have increased recently due to Obama’s failed foreign policies and lack of any initiative to stop China’s aggressive behavior.

Perhaps it is his obsession over the alleged Russian hacking to place blame for Queen Hillary’s loss to Trump. Or could it be he Is set on destroying all and any alliances the US to bring about world chaos right before he leaves office?

Having been in power for a little over six months, the animosity between the self-described socialist Duterte and Obama began over Duterte’s war on drug crime. One would think Obama’s “socialist/Marxist” political roots and idealism would welcome a leader with similar political ambitions. But not so.

Sense tensions began, Duterte has threatened to downgrade or even end military and diplomatic ties with Washington. He has stopped all joint military exercises with the US and has stated repeatedly he wants all American troops out of the Philippines.

Duterte also threatened to sever all economic ties with the US as well. The escalation that has led to the Filipino president’s actions is just one more disaster Obama has created for Trump to fix as the incoming President and Commander-in-Chief.

Last October, Duterte made a trip to China as a show of US alienation and with the intent to develop more ties to Russia and China. During that visit Duterte pulled no punches.

“America has lost. I’ve realigned myself in your (Chinese) ideological flow and maybe I will also go to Russia to talk to (President Vladimir) Putin and tell him that there are three of us against the world: China, Philippines and Russia. It’s the only way,” he said.

Duterte was given a high profile welcoming in China

Duterte was given a high profile welcoming in China. The self-described socialist Filipino president used the occasion to denounce relations with long standing ally the United States.

However, those comments were made prior to the US presidential election and Trump entering the world stage as the next US leader. Since his election, tensions caused by Obama between the two super powers seem to be easing between Trump and Putin, even though Obama continues to harass and threaten Putin as was previously reported on this site.

Putin doesn’t seem to be taking the bait the Obama administration keeps casting his way. Instead the Russian leader has chosen to take a more “wait and see” approach as he waits for Trump to take over on Jan. 20. Trump has not officially commented on the Philippines welcoming of Russian vessels in recent days.

The President-elect did talk of it on the campaign trail stating the Philippines has been a strategic location for the United States “practically forever,” but now China and Russia will probably take advantage of their renewed ties with Manila.

As Jan. 20 approaches Obama is leaving a world that is more violent, dangerous and unstable since perhaps WWII. Rather than go “gently into the night” as other past presidents have done, Obama continues to reek havoc throughout the world. His irresponsible and reckless attacks of Dutarte in the Philippines is only going to add fuel to the fire that he has set ablaze.

Worldwide blazes out of control that the next president and commander-in-chief will have to lead the world to extinguish. Lets all gives thanks that next leader will be Donald Trump and not the dethroned and dangerous Hillary.