Russia Warns U.S. Against N. Korea Sanctions

PUBLISHED: 11:49 PM 31 Jan 2018

Russian Envoy Cautions U.S., Cutting Off North Korea Seen As Act Of War

This may be a valid warning but something has to be done about North Korea.

China bailed out North Korea the last time that they were facing defeat from the U.S.

North Korea is a nation on the ropes, but that does not mean anything. They were on the ropes during the grim days of the Korean War, only to be bailed out by China. Sadly, in 2018, that harmful assistance (from the point of view of the world) may be happening via Russia.

Playing the role of communist China may be none other than Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent, according to AOL News. Moscow’s ambassador to Pyongyang said that shipments of oil to N.K. should not be reduced and proclaimed “that a total end to deliveries would be interpreted by North Korea as an act of war.”

President Donald Trump has made it very clear that the starvation can end once the nuclear weapons manufacturing ends. This, while quite burdensome for the average North Korean, could lead to a revolt if N.K. Kim Jong-un does not get the situation under control. Less North Koreans will freeze and/or starve to death than would be lost in a war, a fact that Russia’s Alexander Matzegora should know.

We can’t lower deliveries any further,” he said. The Russian also showed that “around 540,000 tonnes of crude oil a year to be delivered to North Korea from China, and over 60,000 tonnes of oil products from Russia, China, and other countries.”

The problem is that these shipments are likely not going to one single North Korean who is freezing, but to the empire. Therefore, in theory, it would be possible to stop 100% of the remaining fuel from arriving, ending the regime, and still not hurting the people of the impoverished nation any more than they would be hurt if we didn’t.

Matzegora said that the amount of fuel being allowed “is a drop in the ocean for a country of 25 million people.” If that is true, then Kim Jong-un is welcome to dismantle his nukes and the bleeding will stop. It really is that easy.

He cites a fear of a “humanitarian crisis,” yet as mentioned prior, the fuel is not helping anyone outside of their leaders desired recipients anyhow. The diplomat also declared,”Official representatives of Pyongyang have made it clear that a blockade would be interpreted by North Korea as a declaration of war, with all the subsequent consequences.”

With the way that the D.P.R.K. is acting, it could be argued that war should have been declared a long time ago, so this also holds little water. Thankfully, President Donald Trump is a man who seeks peace, but at some point, it is sanctions or bullets. This is something else that Russia should be fully aware of, for it is America that is being threatened, not Russia.

The ambassador said that accusations which suggest that Russia is breaking the rules concerning sanctions (and have been) is untrue. “We double-checked evidence. We found that the ships mentioned did not enter our ports, or if they did, then they were carrying cargo that had nothing to do with North Korea,” Matzegora added.

The facts show us that North Korea is crumbling under the weight of sanctions, thus proving once again that no one can seem to grow food anywhere but in America. The Hermit Kingdom appears to also show us they can’t drill for their own oil very well, either.

That means that the U.S. could very easily win this war without a war if Russia would stay out of the way and, dare we suggest, help.

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