PUBLISHED: 8:44 PM 7 Apr 2017
UPDATED: 10:14 PM 7 Apr 2017

Russian Battleships Moving Rapidly Towards U.S. Destroyers Involved In Syrian Strike


Warships are rearming and racing towards one another after the U.S. attacked Syria, and Russia is responding.

Russia has just responded to the attacks in Syria by sending their warships into the Mediterranean Friday, according to Fox News. The Russian vessels are heading towards the area where a pair of United States Navy destroyers fired missiles into the leader Assad’s nation. Syria has been an ally of Russia’s and Putin has said that his country would not allow them to be intimidated on more than one occasion. Now a Russian frigate named the “Admiral Grigorovich RFS-494” has gone through the Bosphorus Strait “a few hours ago” from the Black Sea, according to a U.S. defense official quoted by Fox News.

The Russian warship is said to be in the “eastern Mediterranean” and heading with great speed towards the warships of the United States. Hopefully, the phone lines between Putin’s desk and the White House are very active as this transpires so that the two nations can find a way to prevent this from becoming more than a simple show of determination from either side. Considering that one of the U.S. ships that fired the rockets into Syria has gone to an undisclosed location in order to rearm, how grim this becomes is anyone’s guess. Those deal-making skills of Donald Trump shall be needed as this escalates.

The attack on Syria, a strike that even Hillary Clinton endorsed only hours before it took place, was in response to the use of chemical weapons that killed over 100 innocent people in Syria. Russia has said that Assad was not responsible for the attack, and that it was the result of bombings unrelated to the Syrian President. The U.S. has sighted satellite and other Intelligence Committee data to argue that Putin is wrong about their ally, and that actions were needed. It is said that “infants and small children” were served a horrific death due to the use of these WMD.

Alarmingly, a source told TASS News in Russia that “The Russian ship armed with cruise missiles Kalibr will visit the logistics base in Tartus, Syria.” That means that they are letting us know that they are fully armed, as well. The most current updates on this story also imply that the United States is blaming Russia for the chemical weapons attack in Syria, according to The London Guardian. They are reporting that “HR McMaster, the national security adviser for Donald Trump was “central” in the decision to fire upon Syria. This is very important because many news commentators such as staunch pro-Trump supporter Michael Savage have questioned the wisdom of this attack and suggested that Trump is being lead in the wrong direction by his team.


Trump’s war room (pictured) is alive as tensions mount in the Middle East.

We know that Flynn, who McMaster has replaced, was somewhat “Russian friendly,” with views that lined up well with Trump’s peaceful platform. McMaster is from the old school that dislikes Russia to a much greater degree. This is bad news since Putin is an ex-KGB member and very much of the old ways himself. Those are methods which are anti-American and sympathetic to the Soviet Union. Now that both men seem to be facing off, the next few hours could prove to be some of the most important in world history. God willing, peaceful minds will prevail.


It has been confirmed that U.S. President Donald Trump did not take his “element of surprise” rule to too great of a degree and that he did warn Russia’s Vladimir Putin of the Syrian attack before it happened. This not only shows that Trump was attempting to prevent Russia from thinking itself under attack, but that the White House was being careful to not kill any Russians. Putin, it should be noted, has not extended the same kinds of respect to Donald Trump, often buzzing U.S. warships with no warning at all in acts that could very easily lead to an escalation. As it stands, Russia was not taken by surprise by the strikes and Putin was not left to find out about it as it happened.

With both superpowers set to meet in the Middle East with battleships, destroyers, and “something to prove,” the world waits to see what the next move shall be. For Trump, he needs to prove that he is a leader who can be counted on to do the right thing when needed. That may mean using force, and that means more than anything, this action has to end well or he is in deep political turmoil. There needs to be a golden reason with stellar proof given as to why this happened, too. Trump has a lot to prove.


Trump has made it clear: ASSAD IS TO BLAME.

As for Putin, he has to show that he is going to be a man of his word. He has pledged to stand by Russia’s ally and to allow no harm to come to them from a force that Russia finds offensive. The Russian leader has seen places like Iraq and Libya toppled as America came in and changed the whole structure of the nation. Libya was more of a sticking point for many in the Middle East because, unlike Saddam Hussien, Kadaffi had not been a thorn in anyone’s side for a very long time. He was asked to fly right or else, and he did. He was toppled because he wanted Libya free from the U.S. dollar, something that Putin knows only too well.

Therefore, he will be aiming to prove that no one, not even Donald Trump, dares to defy him when it comes to Assad, Syria, or the alliance between the two powers. Assad, Putin reminds the world, was elected. Russia wants America’s hands off of Syria and they’re more than prepared to go to war over it, according to most reports. Unless there is some major shift in the stances of these two great men, this could be the start of a really massive disaster. Of that, we need no proof.

This story will be updated as facts become clear.