Syria Conflict Escalates

PUBLISHED: 4:14 PM 16 Apr 2018

Russia Sending Tank-Laden Ships To Syria

They are loaded with ambulances and other equipment, bound for Syria.

Mr. Putin (pictured) seems to be preparing Russia for harsh reply.

When U.S. President Donald Trump warned Russian leader Vladimir Putin that missiles were on the way, everyone knew that the skies were getting grayer. When he gave the order for forces to attack targets in Syria on Friday, the world braced in grim anticipation, waiting to see how Russia’s leader would respond. The Commander in Chief had called Mr. Putin to inform him that an all-out attack on Russia was not happening in order to avoid the outright start of War War Three, but as the Daily Mail confirmed this morning, it may already be too late.

It has been revealed that a pair of Russian warships, heavy with “military vehicles,” has been “spotted en route to Syria.” This follows what is being described as the obliteration of suspected chemical weapons plants. Vice President Mike Pense said, “The objective of the mission the commander in chief gave our military forces and our allies was completely accomplished – with swift professionalism. Our message to Russia is, ‘you’re on the wrong side of history.”

He added, “It’s time for Russia to get the message President Trump delivered last night. ‘You’re known by the company you keep.’

The threat of war was increased quite dramatically by the fact that 200 Russian “mercenaries” were killed by U.S weapons, according to Axios. That is a number a higher than Russia has lost in Syria during the whole war since 2015!

Furthermore, 300 Russian nationals were also injured in the attack on Assad’s structures.

Sources say that an “Alligator-landing ship was pictured cruising down The Bosphorus on Sunday.” Because the Russians have already promised a severe response if any casualties were suffered, the eyes of the world are on the former Soviet state. China, has only just recently offered support on the side against the U.S. should anything erupt, so the tensions have only deepened.

The ominous convoy was on the way to the “Russian naval base at Tartus on the north Syrian coast.” This is known to be the fourth deployment of such deliveries to the region.  The vessel is “laden with tanks, trucks, ambulances and an IED radar.

Also observed was a “yellow RoRo Alexandr Tkachenko” as it made its voyage to “Tartus carrying high-speed patrol boats, a temporary bridge structure, and several trucks.” While this attack may have found the support of many world leaders, it seems now to have put a great many nations at risk.

There was a second yellow ship “equipped with a BMK-T boat used for building temporary bridges” beside that with a large variation “of other military hardware.

Along with it was a “blue Project 117 LST Orsk 148” vessel loaded with “Soviet BTR-80 tanks, Ramaz trucks, and a Pelena-1 bomb radar, used to detect IEDs.”

Trump and others have blamed the chemical weapons use on Bashir al-Assad, though this is an unproven theory. Putin has condemned the United States for not waiting for more conclusive results before acting.

The attacks alone and the unexpected death toll which followed are not the whole reason for Russian fury, as dire as those facts are. New sanctions placed on Russia due to Putin’s continued support of Syria’s leader has also added to the quopping of the war drums.

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, said that today’s sanctions will show Russia the seriousness of the situation now that they have used their U.N. vote to stifle investigations the chemical weapons attack. This fact alone causes many world leaders to distrust Russia as it deals with this use of W.M.D.

Ironically, Mr. Trump used the words of George W. Bush (who he usually rails against) and proclaimed, “mission accomplished” after the strike. When someone posted a banner with very words behind the former president as he spoke on a warship, the Iraq War took a turn for the worst and ended up marrying his legacy.

Some E.U. member states that who assisted in the attack are now wording things very cautiously, such as French President Emmanuel Macron. He said that his nation has not declared war on Syria, a nuance that will mean little if Russia retaliates and N.A.T.O. gets involved.

Still, he declared, “We have not declared war on the regime of Bashar al-Assad.”

It was frontpage news that Syria’s defenses were overwhelmed to such a degree that some weapons fired only once at attacking warplanes, missing by humiliating distances. That won’t be the case if Russia gets involved, something that seems woefully possible at the moment.

Hopefully, the phone is ringing once again in Russia, and hopefully, Donald Trump is making the best deal of his career.