PUBLISHED: 12:13 AM 16 Feb 2017

Russia Makes Unexpected Announcement In Trump’s Time Of Need As Media Attacks


Putin shows that there is no Russian spy/Donald Trump connection, once and for all.

The Democrats just suffered a crushing defeat to Donald Trump as he mowed over Hillary Clinton on his way to the White House like a steam engine over an anthill and yet the left is blind as to how it happened. Rather than getting a little tougher on the border (or tough at all) Clinton says that the future of the nation belongs to women. They can not grasp that this kind of deception and division of people by creating a war of the sexes where no injustices exist is why they lost, for instance.

This is also the case concerning the Democrats and their obsession with the fact that Donald Trump has some deep, dark secret that is rooted somewhere between Moscow and Never Never Land. Putin somehow helped Trump with the election by leaking facts to Wikileaks, according to Democrats, when it has been proven time and time again that it never happened. Trump has seen Putin mock him by breaking the one rule that Trump said would drive him to shoot at Russia by buzzing our warships as he did Obama, yet the left stays with the lie that Putin is Trump’s friend.


Trump has long said that he had no ties to Russia nor any Wikileaks issues that came out about Hilary Clinton.

That means that there is no more truth to this supposed friendship than there was to the Russian prostitute morsel of super fake news that the left was at least smart enough to not keep mentioning, unlike calling the Bear Trump’s “friend.” Not knowing when to back away from a known lie is a favorite tactic of the left that is seen in things like climate change, the economy, and even the denial of what was an amazing first meeting with Shinzu Abe of Japan.

Now Russia, just like with the prostitute scandal that never happened, the Kremlin is saying that there is no shred of truth in the story that Trump’s campaign had any contacts whatsoever with Russian spies. Russia even went so far as to call the media reports of such a connection “groundless,” a statement that should – but like won’t – put the lie to rest beside the sleeping prostitutes that Trump had nothing to do with. It is an odd turn of events that see Putin bringing this to light now.


Trump has long defended the fact that he has no ties to Putin nor Russia, a fact now also confirmed by Russia.

It was the New York Times that began making waves with the idea that Russia played some role in U.S. elections. While this plot sounds wonderful for Hollywood, are we to really think that Putin (who is ex-KGB) trusted someone in the Russian spy network to get close to an American businessman who every polling agency but two (IDB and the L.A. Times) said that Trump was going to get shellacked? It is easy now to carelessly look back knowing that Trump won and devise how this happened, but he was projected to lose. Why would Putin open up his spy network to an America businessman who was now going to be privy to the workings of said network by proxy? Putin may be many things but he is not an idiot….nor is he a psychic, which he would have had to have been to have known that Trump would win.

What the New York Times has done is make it much harder for Trump to keep his word about making relations between the United States and Russia less tempestuous. They have accused the president (or his staff) of having contact with Russian intelligence within a year of the election. Now to prove that the absurdity of the statement, the New York Times is saying that due phone records and supposed intercepted calls, Vladimir Putin was the first to board the Trump train! A year ago Donald Trump was the laughing stock of the political world.


Putin could have just continued looking the other way, but he has come out and declared that his spies have NO contact with Donald Trump.

Let’s not believe anonymous information,” said Dmitry Peskov, spokesmen for the Kremlin. He said that “It’s a newspaper report which is not based on any facts,” which many would point out no longer even makes for good Hollywood fiction once the holes in the script become this apparent. Even the ever tight-lipped spooks at Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service who Yahoo News points out rarely speaks to the press called the nonsense “unsubstantiated media allegations.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova went further and said that it looked to her like there was some political factions fighting to try and dampen talks towards improved relations. Many people, it seems, are becoming aware of the fact the that the Democrats would be willing to sacrifice even international relations if it means taking Donald Trump and (more importantly for them) his enthusiastic movement down. To this end, she said, “We’re not surprised by anything anymore. This information once again proves that a very deep political game is playing out within the United States.


Putin is halting rumors about Russian spies just as he did the prostitute rumor.

Russia was partial to some degree it is believed towards Michael Flynn who just lost his post within the Donald Trump administration. Still, Trump is capable of making peace as part of his great deal making plans so long as he the left, if not willing to assist him, would get out of the way. Once the issue of weapons dotting the Russian border like dandelions is addressed, the things that unite the United States and Russia (such as the downfall of ISIS) are a far stronger bond than the things that divide us (like Assad remaining in power in Syria).

More than that, how Russia handles things like Crimea and it’s oil business are things that Trump has more of a nationalistic view on thankfully, which unlike what the Democrats suggest, only means that he feels that such affairs are Russian affairs, not areas where America needs to meddle. If Putin suddenly starts taking over nations then all bets are off but that seems to be only another creation of the fake news left. Crimea joined Russia by choice and now the neo-NAZI element that Putin was warned of as a result is his affair to handle, not Americas. God knows, we have our own problems.

Such an outlook can do a lot to bring peace about where once there was only tension and fear. Ronald Reagan taught us that, but Reagan did not have the Democrats making up lies about voter hacking and “never happened” sex scandals, either. Now that Putin has AGAIN put this tired nonsense to rest, is it possible that America can focus on ways to mend fences, not infuriate with lies a nation what was once an ally before such lies became all that they heard from us? If not, the reasons that Trump is “not like Reagan” as the Democrats say will be solely because of their actions and by their own doing.