Russian Asset 2.0

PUBLISHED: 6:49 PM 22 Feb 2020
UPDATED: 8:00 PM 22 Feb 2020

Russia Helping Bernie Or Trump? Deep State Begins Russian Asset Claims

This is so predictable, it’s sickening. The media distribution model was followed perfectly… WaPo to New York Post, to CNN… to hurt Sanders and Trump.

It's like they have no other spin ideas. (Source: Washington Post YouTube Screenshot)

In what is completely predicable, a new narrative is being constructed by the CIA, State Department, and FBI… carefully distributed to the Washington Post, the New York Times, and CNN.

Bernie Sanders is being helped by Russian ‘interference’ in the 2020 election.

According to “unnamed sources” there’s no information about the sort of form the “Russian assistance” for Sanders campaign has been. And incidentally, other reports suggested the same thing about President Trump.

In fact, some in the media flat out libeled the president, claiming that Putin was his running mate. Seriously.

Apparently, the entire narrative is based on actions that surround Joseph Maguire, a career ‘intelligence’ officer who has been outed and a democrat intel briefing, which bypassed the White House.

Basically, the left is claiming that Maguire was kicked out (after 40 years of swamp-control) because he reported that the Russians were helping Trump. However, the real reason he was removed was because of his deliberate lack of judgement.

Conservative Treehouse reported:

Today’s Club narrative was too predictable.  Everyone who does not support the DC intel apparatchik immediately becomes a Russian asset.

Now, “according to people familiar with the matter,” the Russians are trying to help Bernie Sanders:

WaPo – U.S. officials have told Sen. Bernie Sanders that Russia is attempting to help his presidential campaign as part of an effort to interfere with the Democratic contest, according to people familiar with the matter.

President Trump and lawmakers on Capitol Hill have also been informed about the Russian assistance to the Vermont senator, according to people familiar with the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive intelligence. (more)

It really has become silly at this point.

Hillary Clinton accuses Tulsi Gabbard of being a Russian spy. The Club is desperate to stop Bernie Sanders and cloud his campaign…. Bernie is winning despite their efforts; and now Bernie is sideways labeled a Russian asset by the takeaway from the intel apparatus.

Everyone should have seen this coming… We certainly did:

Russians… gottabe. Watch, they’ll morph this into claiming the real reason behind Bernie Sanders grassroots support is super-secret Russian activity…. Watch.

— TheLastRefuge (@TheLastRefuge2) February 21, 2020

And, CTH outlined the the spin and how it got started:

The New York Times and a host of allied political narrative engineers attempted to spin up another Russia narrative yesterday.  The claim surrounds a briefing by DNI Joseph Maguire (pictured below) to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI).  Adam Schiff and house Democrats in the briefing claim DNI Maguire stated Russians favored President Trump and would work to assist his re-election.

The Democrat spin was to claim President Trump replaced Maguire as an outcome of this briefing; and Trump wants to ignore Russia interference assistance. etc. etc.  The media ran with the framework of the Democrat narrative; and the political operatives piled-on.

However, in a surprise move Jake Tapper actually undercuts the narrative engineering through his own sources with information on the reality of the briefing:

(1) DNI Joseph Maguire never said Russia was, would, or is working to interfere in the election to help President Trump.  Rather the briefing nuance was that Russia has an understanding of Trump and would likely view him as a deal-maker they could work with and Sanders, Buttigieg et al were unknowns.

(2) President Trump wasn’t angered at the Maguire briefing; however, he was angered that he had to find out about the briefing from GOP members of the HPSCI instead of Maguire briefing the President on the material prior to briefing congress.  The executive office was blindsided by committee members asking questions of the White House, when Maguire never informed the President of his briefing material in advance.

Those two points were spun wildly by the left-wing media. Kudos to Jake Tapper for setting the record straight.

However, it is not a surprise for President Trump to end the tenure of Maguire as DNI given this end-run around the President and the possibility Maguire’s motives might just be another example of the intelligence community undercutting the office of the President. [I would say that’s highly likely]

The fact DNI Joseph Maguire would brief congress without informing the White House of the briefing material highlights a possible intent by Maguire to undermine the President.  Whether that intent is accurate is a moot point.  The action by Maguire leaves open the possibility, and his lack of judgement created a mess for the White House.

House Intelligence Committee (HPSCI) ranking member Devin Nunes attended the intelligence briefing that has been the topic of so much recent fake news.  Nunes notes the leaking from Democrats to their media allies is entirely false.

Watch as Devin Nunes outlines the false information and spin being projected in the latest liberal campaign: