PUBLISHED: 5:31 PM 3 Mar 2017
UPDATED: 7:30 PM 4 Mar 2017

Russian Jets Immediately Retreat After U.S. Destroyer Fires Warning Shots


Why does Russia keep sending their jets to buzz U.S. battleships, now coming within mere yards of the deck?

There are very scary things happening in Russia today. The Kremlin is said to be spending an actual fortune on rebuilding for war, as proven by Russia being in the Arctic testing new weapons and tactics, with some even suggesting the likelihood that Putin is testing nuclear weapons and causing a fallout all over the E.U.  The Bear has allowed China to park WMD on their border aimed at the United States while holding spite towards the U.S. when NATO does the same, only pointed at terrorists. While Putin has many valid points that deserve to be heard and issues that he should have addressed, his actions are that of someone who is very unstable and pro-war.

Now it seems that Russia has kicked things up a level by not just buzzing our ships, which they have already done once while Trump’s been in office (despite his claims that this is one action that he would debate war over), but now they are buzzing them so very close that ships have been put on Red Alert. That means that if this sounds like a rehashed telling of a previous tale, it isn’t. This is really how bad things are and how common it is becoming for Russia to disrespect us in the Black Sea. It can not be imagined that the U.S. president will tolerate much more of this, though counter actions could prove equally worrisome.

The issue at hand is one of escalation. At first, Putin enters our waters on the Fourth of July, cozying up to a U.S. coastline. This alone could have triggered a hot war that would have killed millions, if not billions, of innocent people, yet he does it anyhow. From there a buzzed warship, high altitude at first, and Obama chalks it up to “a show of muscle.” Do we do such things in reply to Russia? This is not fully known, but the broader point is that now Russia is flying jets at blistering speeds WITHIN YARDS of the decks of U.S. battleships. Yes, it has escalated that far, to a point where a slight miscalculation could turn a buzzing into (perhaps an accidental) Kamikaze attack, and then the battleship sees American casualties. Can anyone see where this goes bad yet?

The Mirror reports that “Putin’s forces are carrying out a grueling Cold War exercise in freezing Arctic conditions as Russia moves to bolster its military presence in the region,” a fact that does cause one to wonder why Putin is spending so much capital on largely OFFENSIVE drills. These are massive drills carried out in the coldest, most barren lands in the world. Sure, it could be to prepare for a Russian takeover, but who would be trying that? It is more likely that Putin is testing and possibly even toying with the idea of attacking the United States. What other conclusion can one come to?


Putin, a Judo master, portrays a very “tough guy” image of himself in Russia which, while true, may be going to his head.

We know that a 2,000-kilometer line of snow ready trucks and “impenetrable” tanks have been streaming over the iced Laptev Sea. The Mirror also reports that Russia is testing “ specialized uniforms that can stand -30C conditions after traveling from the bleak Arctic port of Tiksi to the island of Kotelny.” Deputy Defense Minister Gen. Dmitry Bulgakov has even admitted that “research and test new and promising models of weapons and military and special equipment in the Arctic.” Could this be why there is a radioactive plume coming in a steady flow over Europe, and if so, are they to stand for it?

None of this is to imply that single member states or all of the E.U, NATO, nor America needs to go firing at Russia. It is to say that no matter what is happening, unless someone else is launching an actual attack upon the United States, Trump needs to halt all other actions anywhere in the world and talk to Russia yesterday, if not sooner. At this point, the whole Jeff Sessions fake news needs to be grounded and the nation as a whole needs to have leaders who can unite to solve a very real problem before mushroom cloud blooms become in season. There is no other area in the world that is deserving of more attention, as things are now.


While Trump has offered peace, Russia has long been acting in ways that can be seen as needlessly dangerous and threatening.

It may come as a shock to some, but it has never been normal to awaken every day to new news reports of a threatening toned nuclear power sending, and possibly armed, jet fighter planes to fly dangerously close to nonaggressive sailors on a battleship. This is NOT normal, but rather it is as if every man, woman, and child – every leader, president, and figurehead – all of them are dead asleep at the wheel. Everyone must be living in some dreamworld to not notice how important the growing intensity of this build up to a new Cold War era that threatens the life of everyone on the planet is. The world used to live with the gloom and fear of being burned alive or poisoned by toxic air and this fear saved us by making us address it. Today, we are simply ignoring it, with most, not even knowing that it is happening.

The fact that Donald Trump is not yet making a statement about Russia’s actions could be a sign that he is also thinking very deeply about what the American response should be. He has said many times prior that he would not announce military plans, he would simply act once properly speaking with those in his administration who give intel, data, etc. While the left is proving to have been mistaken about Trump talking to Russia before, one can only hope that he certainly is doing so now. If this keeps escalating, with Russia not trusting the U.S. to not break any future “Reagan-like” deals such as they have this last one, who knows where this could end?


What is “just buzzing and strutting” today could easily escalate towards more tomorrow.

We know that boots on the ground in Russia or them invading the U.S. has a less than “NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN” rating (radars and satellites make such scenes all but 100 percent impossible), so that means terrifying weapons. Drones, guided missiles, and as soon as side starts winning, nukes. When speaking about what happens after that, Albert Einstein said, “We use rocks on the other side.” In other words, sickly cavemen trying to stay warm as the fallout brings agony long before the mercy of death. That means that NAFTA, Obamacare, and even “The Wall” can wait for a couple of weeks, Trump needs to talk to Putin before this goes any further.