PUBLISHED: 5:01 PM 9 Oct 2016
UPDATED: 5:14 PM 9 Oct 2016

Russia Finally Has Enough Of America, Shows FBI Removed Evidence She Was Guilty

Putin is not joking anymore

Putin Is Tired Of Hillary's Lies, He Has Now Exposed Her

Putin Is Tired Of Hillary’s Lies, He Has Now Exposed Her

WikiLeaks dropped the first “October surprise” Friday evening. In the leak, we are given insight into the questions we have been waiting to have answered.

In 2010, Hillary Clinton proposed adding Julian Assange’s name to the CIA’s “drone strike” list. She fears people like Assange and Edward Snowden so badly that she wants them killed by the government in order to protect her secrets.

Here is the leaked memo:

She Was So Afraid Of Assange She Wanted Obama To Have Him Killed

She Was So Afraid Of Assange She Wanted Obama To Have Him Killed

In a new revelation, we have evidence surrounding Hillary Clinton and the Russians.

Every time Hillary and her campaign are caught in another leak or hack, they immediately blame the Russians. Why?

The answer was found in the transcripts of her paid Goldman Sachs speech. In this segment, it begins with Hillary arguing that she gets paid the “big bucks” for holding a high level position like she did, which shows that she brags about how much money she makes.


Hillary Bragging About Being Rich To Other Wealthy Bankers

Following Hillary bragging about being rich, she indicated in the speech that she has “represented all of you [Wall Street] for eight years now.” Wait, didn’t she argue that she was going to break up the big banks and act tough towards Wall Street as president?

She lied, folks. Again.


Hillary Works For Corporate Cronies, Not The American People

Following Hillary’s failed plan to have Assange murdered in 2010, she did not have much to worry about for a few years. Assange did not possess all of the leaks we see today until around 2013.

In Hillary’s speeches, however, we see why she was deathly afraid of the public reading her secret speech.

In the following excerpt, Hillary mentions that WikiLeaks has made people vulnerable to being exposed. She didn’t say “lied about,” she said “exposed,” which proves she has something to hide.

She also mentions that she had to form an “investigative team to look at all of the names and documents to protect identities.”


Hillary Admitting The FBI Helped Her

She is referring to the FBI. We are witnessing the truth finally being exposed.

When FBI Director James Comey gave Hillary and all of her cronies a pass on the dozens of crimes they committed, it was because they argued WikiLeaks exposed them and they weren’t to blame.

Hillary and her team argued that because their corruption was leaked and hacked, they shouldn’t receive punishment for what was revealed. Even though that is a terrible argument, the FBI agreed and let everyone off the hook.


More FBI Help And Corruption Admitted

This email leak here is also why she has it out for Russia so badly. Not only does she use Russia as a way to shift the blame for her crimes, but she argues that “Snowden could expose us.” 

Hillary again mentions that she fears Edward Snowden and Julian Assange because they can expose corrupt politicians like herself.

When Hillary blames the Russians, it is rather ironic given that she sold them 20 percent of our Uranium in exchange for Russia sending $145,000,000 to her “foundation.”

These speeches also reveal Hillary’s Globalist agenda. She is admitting that she has has altered global markets and the way that the world operates.

Hillary Clinton is looking for someone to blame. Why is it fair that she can blame Russia instead of assuming blame for her crimes while Trump can apologize for remarks years ago yet the liberal media won’t accept his apology?

Hillary Clinton admitted to corporate bigwigs that she is highly paid, she wants people like Assange and Snowden taken out, and that the FBI’s investigative team allowed her to skirt charges because they blamed Russia for the hack instead of holding the people accountable that broke the law?

Here is the cherry on top: Hillary praising someone like Donald Trump. It is odd that she mentioned we need people like Trump in government, yet she argues the exact opposite today now that he is about to beat her in this election.


Hillary Praising Trump, How Ironic Given The Way She Talks About Him Now

Hillary fears Russia because they have more evidence on her, too. Sources surrounding the Kremlin have indicated that Hillary has blamed Russia for the last time, and they will release documentation against her in the coming weeks.

Hillary Clinton has been deathly afraid of these transcripts getting leaked to the public, so it is only fair that we defend Donald Trump and spread these transcripts for everyone to see.

The election is less than three weeks away, and we cannot afford to let major stories slip away. We need to end her campaign now before it is too late.

Hopefully Putin will release the information he has on her, as well, so that we can take down the Clinton Cartel for good.