PUBLISHED: 6:28 PM 23 Dec 2016

Russia Announces Massive Nuclear Warhead Production, Putin Issues Bold Question To Trump

Are the two super powers forming an alliance?

Are the two super powers forming an alliance?

Are the two super powers forming an alliance?

President-elect Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin came out firing yesterday, both talking about boosting and upgrading nuclear weapons systems. Both leaders called for the measures in response to growing threats in the world political theater. Is this the beginning of a new arms race that could escalate into a another Cold War? Or are the two largest super powers in the world forming an alliance against rogue nations and terrorists groups such as North Korea and ISIS?

According to MSN and Reuters news service, Putin fired the first shot calling for the reinforcement of Russia’s missile systems during a defense ministry meeting.

“We need to strengthen the military potential of strategic nuclear forces, especially with missile complexes that can reliably penetrate any existing and prospective missile defense systems,” Putin was quoted as saying by Russian agencies.

It is not clear what prompted Putin to make the announcement, but tensions have been running high between the Russian leader and President Obama for sometime now, especially since the election in which “favored” Queen Hillary lost to Trump.

Hillary and Obama both have accused Russia of interfering in the election, blaming Putin for hacking into the email servers of  the DNC and Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta. They claim those hacks led to damaging emails being published by WikiLeaks in the run-up to election day costing the Queen her coveted presidency throne.

Hillary and Obama recklessness put Putin on alert!!!

Hillary and Obama recklessness put Putin on alert!!!

Obama has opened an investigation into the alleged Russian hacking and election intrigue. But it’s his reckless and irresponsible behavior towards Putin that is far greater threat to world stability. Planet Free Will posted a story citing NBC reports that Obama used the “emergency red line” to threaten Putin with “armed conflict” over the Russian hacking election conspiracy.

Has Obama’s careless and unfounded threats towards Putin put the US in danger of World War III? Or was Putin’s statements addressing something else?

A little later Trump shot back with a similar statement regarding the US nuclear arsenal:

Both Reuters and CNBC jumped on the tweet, spearheading a barrage of fear and panic-laden responses from liberal nuclear watchdog groups and the main stream media.

“Trump’s ‘farcical’ tweet failed to communicate a ‘rational deterrence policy’ and risks fueling arms race dynamics with Russia and China,” said Miles Pomper, Senior Fellow at the Washington-based Center for Nonproliferation Studies.

In a phone interview on CNBC, Eurasia Group president, Ian Holm, also jumped on the fear mongering bandwagon, attacking Trump for his strong defense stance in beefing up de-graded nuclear weapons system. He also attacked Trump for his proposed policies against rogue nations like North Korea and Iran.

But what if the fear mongers are wrong? Both leaders refer to the dangerous political climate; first Putin in his defense ministry statement and a Tweet follow-up statement by Trump spokesman Jason Miller .

“We must carefully monitor any changes in the balance of power and in the political-military situation in the world, especially along Russian borders, and quickly adapt plans for neutralizing threats to our country,” said Putin.

But what country bordering Russia does Putin see as a threat? Could he be referring to rogue nation North Korea, and the continuing threats of nuclear attack by its tyrannical dictator, Kim Jong-un?

Conservative Daily Post has been staying abreast of the growing threat of the dangerous unstable dictator, publishing two reports this week. Using sources in the UK and South Korea, this site reported on Jong-un’s growing nuclear capabilities by developing missiles that can reach the west coast of the US and Europe where the NATO alliance is located. Jong-un is also expanding his state sponsored terrorism activities to include groups like ISIS and is positioned to become the largest global arm’s dealer.

Putin went on to boast about the successes Russian has had in Syria against ISIS. Trump campaigned on a strong stance against ISIS, global terrorism and shutting down the aggressive nuclear arms buildup of Iran and North Korea.

"Little man" tyrant Kim Jong-un may be in serious trouble!

“Little man” tyrant Kim Jong-un may be in serious trouble!

Later in the day, spokesman for the President-elect, Josh Miller, expanded on Trump’s tweet. Miller said, Trump was “referring to the threat of nuclear proliferation and the critical need to prevent it – particularly to and among terrorist organizations and unstable and rogue regimes.”

Both Trump and Putin have publicly commented the two are planning to work together in “mending fences,” implying that relations between the two countries are heated due to the failed policies of Obama and former secretary, Clinton. The latest Obama/Clinton fiasco of using Russia as the scapegoat for Hillary’s loss has only intensified the animosity.

Regardless of what the liberal fear propagandists and Never Trump haters are spinning, there may be a US/Russia alliance forming. Could the once bitter enemies be forming a joint “Super Power” to combat the evil and instability that exists in the world, as they did in WWII?

Are Trump and Putin secretly planning to join military might to take out ISIS and put rogue countries like China, Iran, and North Korea back in their place?

Let us all pray so.