Rudy Fires Back

PUBLISHED: 4:12 PM 9 Jul 2018
UPDATED: 4:12 PM 9 Jul 2018

Rudy Giuliani Unloads On London’s Mayor

“Sadiq Khan should be ashamed of himself. He’s so busy attacking President Trump’s visit and, in the meantime, crime is spiraling in London.”

Young boys were brutally stabbed in London.

Rudy Giuliani went nuclear on London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Sunday, torching the liberal mayor for his childish antics and the fact that he’s ‘suffering’ from Trump’s exposure to his failures. Giuliani slammed Khan for putting his own political ambitions above protecting the people who elected him into office. His own people are suffering from a crime epidemic in a city he controls, and he does not care.

During an interview with the Daily Express, Giuliani offered Khan a simple piece of advice: “do your job.”

“Sadiq Khan should be ashamed of himself. He’s so busy attacking President Trump’s visit and, in the meantime, crime is spiraling in London,” Giuliani said. “Maybe he should just do his job instead of attacking a world leader.”

Giuliani also took issue with Khan approving a permit for an anti-Trump blimp to fly near parliament when President Donald Trump visits the United Kingdom on July 9.

The blimp, which was created by a far-left group in the city, will be flying over Parliament Square Gardens, one of the buildings Trump will visit when he embarks on his 4-day trip to the U.K. Trump will be in the country to meet with British leaders, the Queen, and then take part in a NATO summit.

Giuliani, who is a member of the Trump legal team, said Khan approving the anti-Trump blimp will backfire with many of his own citizens. He explained many of London’s tourists are Americans who support Trump and his agenda, and that they won’t appreciate seeing their president disrespected.

“I would not like to go to a country where someone with the authority of a mayor was rallying people against them. It’s highly inappropriate,” he said. “He’s probably suffering from some of the criticisms that President Trump has made of him, which are valid.”

Giuliani rounded out the interview by saying that Khan should spend more time combating crime in his own city rather than approving measures to insult Trump.

“If crime is going up, he’s obviously not paying attention to his job. This is one mayor who can tell him how to reduce crime — you have to pay attention to your job. From one mayor to another, do your job, Mr. Khan,” he said.

As reported by Conservative Daily Post, major cities in the U.K. like London continue to impose tougher policies on Londoners rather than the radical Islamic terrorists carrying out the attacks across the city.

In other words, disarming citizens only emboldens criminals who won’t follow the law simply because Khan asks them to. This year, London violence surpassed New York City for the first time in more than 200 years.

Last month, London reported 15 murders compared to 14 in New York City, New York. In February, there were 22 reported murders in London compared to 21 in New York City.

The U.K. not only has the strictest gun control laws in the world, the country is banning knives and deploying police to ensure citizens are completely disarmed.

Left-wing lawmakers like Khan are more concerned with carrying out childish antics than actually protecting his own citizens. With murders and knife attacks at historic levels in London, Khan is apparently only concerned with smearing Trump than doing anything to save innocent people from being murdered.

Thankfully, Giuliani ripped him to pieces for it.