PUBLISHED: 10:05 PM 7 Apr 2017

Rubio Issues Breaking Announcement Following Syria Missile Attack…But It’s About North Korea


Rubio hopes that North Korea can keep the electricity on long enough in North Korea for Kim Jong-un to see the warn that is happening via Syria.

When Donald Trump made the decision to bomb Syria, the President had some unexpected supporters of the idea. Hillary Clinton was one such supporter, for she had said only hours before that Trump should bomb Syrian oil fields. Even as these words are read, Russia has warships heading to confront U.S. destroyers in what could turn into World War III by nightfall. Fifty-Nine (first reports did say 60) rockets were launched, and most of Congress supported the use of force against Assad. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), a man known for prudence, was NOT happy about the attack, which says a lot to those willing to listen.

(Little) Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has a profound take on the issue as well, saying that the Syrian attack may have an added bonus. That extra perk would be that North Korea may finally understand that to continue to defy America is to get a greeting that one won’t soon forget. Friday on “Fox and Friends,” Rubio said “I don’t believe that the president sat there and said ‘I’m going to do this to send a message to North Korea. I do believe it sent a message to North Korea. If you’re Kim Jong Un and you’re watching tonight, you’re realizing ‘We’ve got a different thing going on here.’ We’ve got someone who doesn’t just talk. He’s probably worried right now.


Many in North Korea weep for joy when they see their god, Kim Jong-un. They really know no differently.

Many on the right are less than happy at Trump’s actions towards Syria, because the President ran on a strong anti-meddling platform. Some are suggesting that it is the White House Team that is pushing America’s leader into a more aggressive posture, but then again, Reagan did the same thing. He did not get us mired neck deep in a war like Bush did, but he struck Libya so hard so Kadaffi never again became a problem for anyone until Obama stirred the bee’s hive for no reason. Reagan got in and got out too, something that may be harder with Russia being Syria’s ally. Libya had no ally with such power.

Rubio seems to be taking the warmongering a bit too far, (thank God that he did not win!) by all but hoping that other nations are “on the defensive,” according to Media Lite News. This could put unstable leaders ready to act foolishly if he gets his wish. Still, he said, “We spend a lot of time on American television being asked ‘Aren’t you worried about Putin? Aren’t you worried about North Korea? Aren’t you worried about the Chinese? For once we can be able to say ‘They should be worried about us.’ And they should be” While this sounds a lot like a Trump speech, it is what America voted for. For many, attacking Syria was not something that the U.S. would do if we were heeding his words, however.


Rubio is saying that if Kim Jong-un likes his role as leader, he has better stop acting as he has.

Regardless, Kim Jong-un is a terrible human being. America has not taken action against him nor his mentally deranged father who ruled before him, even with this known. During this whole time, NK has built up a tourism industry that spends the time of the tour lecturing those who attend about how rotten the U.S. is. They have built nuclear weapons, but unlike other nations, have all but rejoiced over the fact that one day they shall be used. They threaten Hawaii, the West Coast of the United States, and even South Korea. Bombing their neighbor with such toxic weapons would surely poison North Korea, too. They are less equipped to deal with the aftermath of their own bombing than their target would be, in that instance.

These kinds of reasonable thoughts do not tend to get much attention in the mind of the Kim Jong-un. He is motivated by a need to feel himself propelled to the status of a god. Everything in the country, from their news, which is piped in exactly as it is in “1984” (in some areas) to the water that they drink is said to come from the greatness of their “Dear Leader.” It is not uncommon for those living there to pray to him or his dead grandfather, “The Eternal Leader,” who they say still runs the nation. No, they don’t mean figuratively, either.


If NK sees what happens to Syria for using WMD, perhaps they will think twice about such actions.

If Marco Rubio can stop trying to put nations on the defensive, he may be onto something here. North Korea would be very wise, indeed, to listen to the Senator from Florida. If Kim stops now, there is a good chance that Trump has enough on his plate with what must be a livid Vladimir Putin that North Korea has dodged yet another bullet. They have again gotten away with mocking and threatening the United States of America. The stunted nation managed to kidnap Malaysian nationals, and thanks to chemical weapons half a world away, NK sees no punishment for it. They need to now stop and ask themselves how many more times such fortune can come their way.

If they are going to abuse their own people, the U.S. may or may not intervene. America has a bit of history for letting NK simply rot because with a population that since the 1950s has been closed off from ALL development and progress (except in the capital Pyongyang which is just a display city for visitors), what can be done with them? Imagine a whole nation of freed people who think that we killed their god, the world’s creator. Compound that with the fact that there would be MILLIONS of North Koreans who would overnight need to be taught that things like cell phones, the internet, and digital cameras even EXIST, let alone how to use them. It would be like having millions of cavemen suddenly awaken in 2017. For these reasons, nations have tended just to let the crazed Kim be.


Scenes like this may work to steady the hand of North Korea.

Those days are changing now, thanks to their leader and his hatred for the world. He wants to feel powerful instead of being grateful for the power that he and his family has been allowed to have since the Korean War was put on hold (it never ended, officially). Since he now is boasting of his wishes to use the most devastating weapons that the world has ever known on others, he can expect a knock on his door if he keeps on with the idea. On this matter, (Little) Marco Rubio is right.