Schiff Coaches Witness

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 30 Oct 2019
UPDATED: 4:59 PM 30 Oct 2019

“Rotten To The Core”: Schiff Prevents Witness From Answering GOP Questions

Adam Schiff is conducting a base, ridiculous, and potentially illegal impeachment ‘lynching’ of the president, and now he has prevented GOP members of the committee from getting answers to questions.

Schiff apparently coached the witness and prevented him from answering GOP questions.

After the so-called ‘star’ impeachment witness, Bill Taylor, claims were annihilated by GOP members of the House in questioning, Adam Schiff apparently learned his lesson. For the next ‘witness,’ he simply refused to allow Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman to answer questions.

Of course, his actions called down a swift response from GOP committee members, but like always, those truths are buried in the media, and the only ‘news’ being circulated among the ignorant is the carefully crafted leaks of the opening statement.

The impeachment process, according to one representative is “rotten to the core.”

Fox News reported:

Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., and Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, told reporters that Schiff shut down a Republican line of questioning during a hearing with Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, the latest current or former Trump administration official to come before Congress in relation to the impeachment probe.

“When we asked [Vindman] who he spoke to after important events in July — Adam Schiff says, ‘no, no, no, we’re not going to let him answer that question,”‘ Jordan said.

Jordan went on to say that Schiff seemed to be breaking his own rules for the hearings, implying the chairman was acting almost as a “lawyer” for Vindman.

Vindman, who serves as a director on the National Security Council (NSC), arrived Tuesday morning to testify before the House Intelligence, Oversight, and Foreign Affairs committees. He expressed concern in his prepared opening statement [carefully leaked by liberals], obtained by Fox News, over Trump’s request to have Ukraine investigate political opponents.

It also states that he does not know who the whistleblower is whose complaint spurred the beginning of the Democrats’ current impeachment inquiry and does not feel comfortable speculating about the whistleblower’s identity.

“The Democrats run out here and say, ‘ooh, the Republicans are trying to figure out who the whistleblower is,'” Jordan continued. “We’re trying to figure out who our witness list is! The resolution that the Speaker has just filed … she points this out in the resolution that this is going to go to the Judiciary Committee if in fact they push it there. There will be witnesses called. We would like to figure out who those witnesses should be.”

“I pointed out last week there 435 members of Congress … only one of them knows who the whistleblower is, more importantly, who the sources are for the whistleblower who were the basis of him filing this complaint. Now he doesn’t want anyone else to know that,” Jordan said.

Scalise then proceeded to attack the impeachment proceedings in general, using the latest GOP procedural complaint in a further attempt to discredit the Democrats’ impeachment push.

“It’s clear Pelosi needs to declare a mistrial,” Scalise said. “This has been a tainted process from the start. What happened today confirms even worse just how poorly Adam Schiff is handling this process, denying the ability for Republicans to even ask basic questions that are critical to the heart of whether or not a President of the United States is impeached.”

Breitbart News added:

Schiff is the leader of the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry. The Democrat-led House Committees on Oversight and Reform, Intelligence, and Foreign Affairs are conducting the impeachment investigation.

While briefing reporters alongside Jordan, House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) acknowledged that Schiff’s decision to block some questions had undermined his claim that the process is fair.

Scalise noted:

Even his claim now that [the process is fair because] Republicans can ask questions has been undermined because he is now directing witnesses not to answer questions that he doesn’t want the witness to answer … He has not cut off one Democrat. He has not interrupted one Democrat.

That reeks, and by the way, if you want to talk about a Soviet-style process, again, that might be what they do in the Soviet Union. Not in the United States of America.

He added that the behind-closed-doors impeachment process “has been rotten to the core.”

“We’ve been highly critical of the fact that it completely denies due process to Republican members of Congress as well as to the White House,” Scalise also said.

Jordan dismissed criticism from Democrats who say the Republicans were trying to find out who the “whistleblower” that triggered the impeachment probe is.

“We are just trying to get information that we are entitled to get, and the witness is supposed to answer our questions,” Jordan, the top Republican on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, declared.

Jordan noted that he wants to talk to “half a dozen” sources cited by the “whistleblower” in the complaint that triggered the impeachment probe.

“It’s tough to determine someone’s credibility if you don’t know who they are, and you can’t put them under oath and ask them questions,” he added.

In his leaked opening remarks, Vindman said, “I want the Committees to know I am not the whistleblower who brought this issue to the CIA and the Committees’ attention. I do not know who the whistleblower is and I would not feel comfortable to speculate as to the identity of the whistleblower.”

Ukrainian-American Vindman is a decorated Army officer who serves as the director of European affairs at White House’s National Security Council (NSC). He listened to the infamous July 25 call between U.S. President Donald Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky. The call is at the heart of the impeachment inquiry.