Clinton Docs Next

PUBLISHED: 10:30 PM 20 Apr 2018
UPDATED: 10:53 PM 20 Apr 2018

Rosenstein Pressured To Deliver Clinton Documents To Congress

They want to know why it’s taken so long, and are demanding the documents now.

Two Republican Congressmen are pushing Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein to deliver on his promise to hand over documents from the Hillary Clinton investigation.

During the last years of former-President Obama’s time in office, Hillary Clinton came under investigation for removing classified information from government servers, and placing the files on a private email server. An investigation turned up evidence that she did, in fact, break the law, but government officials decided against charging her with any crime. For many on both sides of the aisle, the entire investigation and events surrounding it seemed somewhat ‘off.’

In November 2016, Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election, and many hoped that President Donald Trump would use his newfound authority to investigate her properly, and to punish her for crimes she may have committed. Now, with the assistance of two Republican lawmakers, a determined push to recover documents from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein may reveal why Hillary Clinton never saw charges related to the case.

Two of President Trump’s top allies in Congress are pushing to force Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein to provide documents concerning the Clinton case and its handling.

Specifically, they’re interested in the documents, believed to be in Rosenstein’s possession, concerning the decision to not charge Hillary Clinton with a crime, even though investigators proved that she removed classified information from a government server.

Republican Congressmen Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan, representing North Carolina and Ohio, respectively, threatened Rosenstein during a discussion on the ‘Russian collusion’/’Russian sabotage’ investigation on Monday at the Department of Justice.

During the meeting, Meadows, who represents North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District (including the city of Asheville, North Carolina), even threatened Rosenstein with various negative outcomes.

Meadows told him that if he failed to turn over the papers, he could be held in contempt of Congress, or possibly even find himself impeached.

According to multiple anonymous sources, after meeting with Rosenstein an issuing his ultimatums, Representative Meadows met with President Trump, updating him on his attempts to unearth those documents.

Democrats claim that Meadows is impeding the year-long ‘special investigation’ into the president, and that he’s trying to throw people off the scent by bringing up Hillary Clinton.

If only the Democrat Party was as interested in finding out why a clearly guilty person was never charged with a crime as they were in hoping that they could eventually find SOMETHING to charge President Donald Trump with in relation to alleged ‘Russian interference’ in the election.

To be clear, at the end of the Hillary Clinton email server investigation, investigators pointed out that she HAD broken the law, and she did possess emails that were NOT meant for removal from a closed and secure system.

There was no question as to the illegality of the contents of her email server.

There was question about why she deleted evidence that investigators demanded in official subpoenas, and why certain evidence didn’t seem forthcoming. There were also lingering questions about the way in which the investigation was handled from beginning to end, and why certain people were never interviewed, not to mention the way the FBI bent over backwards to give her extra time to destroy evidence.

But the biggest question remains: why did the Department of Justice refuse to even attempt to press charges against Hillary Clinton?

Many hope that somewhere within the files in Rosenstein’s possession, some clue will be found to explain the reason that the DoJ and FBI advised against charging Hillary Clinton with a crime.

Could it be due to the strangely-timed meeting between Hillary Clinton’s husband (and former U.S. President) Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch? They met in a private jet on a tarmac during the investigation, and had a long talk.

They both claim that they didn’t talk about anything untoward, but the timing certainly seemed strangely convenient.

Or did the DoJ and FBI fear ‘delegitimizing’ a possible Hillary Clinton presidency?

According to Meadows, there’s a reason behind his hardline approach to dealing with Rosenstein.

Meadows said that “we keep getting promises that Congress will get the documents,” but there has been little to no progress on providing the documents.

Furthermore, he says that he’s sent multiple requests to Rosenstein, asking for access to the information promised, and he still has not seen the documents.

Meadows says that he’s interested in seeing all documents related to the FBI and DoJ, and to the choices they made during the investigation. It could well be that the decision to advise against criminal charges for Hillary Clinton was only one of many questionable choices made during the course of the investigation.

These documents could prove to be the ‘holy grail’ of the investigation, the one thing needed to help shed light on the strange way Hillary Clinton got away with committing an actual crime.

At the very least, the information could help bring closure to American citizens who are still wondering why it seems that the elites are able to get away with crimes that would (and have) put regular citizens into federal prisons for years.