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PUBLISHED: 9:25 PM 21 Sep 2018
UPDATED: 10:27 PM 21 Sep 2018

Rosenstein Planned To Secretly Record Trump Meetings, Remove President

Rod Rosenstein allegedly planned to invoke the 25th to remove President Trump, according to a new article from the New York Times.

According to a recent article, Rosenstein planned to secretly record the President and work to remove him from office.

Donald Trump has repeatedly railed against both Jeff Sessions and Rod Rosenstein, his Attorney General and Deputy Attorney General, respectively. While AG Sessions appears to be working in the best interest of his office, at very least, the same could not be said of recent claims made against his deputy.

According to an article in the New York Times, DAG Rosenstein, who recommended that Donald Trump should fire James Comey from his position as the director off the Federal Bureau of Investigation, also worked against the President, and considered getting cabinet members involved in a 25th Amendment coup. Allegedly, he intended to wear a wire and secretly record the President.

Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein had only been in his position for a two weeks when he suggested, in Spring of 2017, that something should be done about the President.

This followed Donald J. Trump’s decision to fire Mr. Comey, which was based, at least in part, on a memo by Rosenstein himself.

The Deputy AG told people that he felt he had been used when President Trump began to cite the memo that he wrote when discussing the firing.

So, the newly-minted second-in-command at the Department of Justice began to talk about taking steps of his own against the President who appointed him.

He made statements in front of other DOJ and FBI officials, suggesting that he had thought about, or was thinking about, secretly recording the President of the United States of America, or discussing a 25th Amendment ‘solution’ to the issue.

Several people–aka, anonymous sources– in both agencies described the discussions that they had with the second highest-ranking member of the criminal justice community in the United States, though they insisted on anonymity.

Allegedly, even Andrew McCabe, then the acting director for the Bureau, documented what Rosenstein told him about his plans and designs concerning removing Donald Trump from power.

Obviously, none of his plans or schemes came to fruition.

It’s hard to tell how serious he was about his plans, but, allegedly, he did tell McCabe that he was of the opinion that he might be able to persuade AG Jeff Sessions and John Kelly, then the Secretary of Homeland Security (now the White House Chief of Staff), to mount an attempt to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove the President.

The 25th Amendment allows for a ‘vote of no confidence’ in the leadership of a particular President.

It does not say that he necessarily did something wrong or illegal, which is what impeachment is meant to be used for, rather, Section 4 of the Amendment allows the Vice President, along with a number of ‘principal officers,’ to declare the president ‘unfit’ for duty.

Invoking Section 4 of the 25th would require Mike Pence and eight of the 15 members of the Donald Trump cabinet to find him unfit to work.

It has never been invoked in American history.

If the NYT article is correct, and there was actually a point in time when Rosenstein, along with others, suggested that the 25th Amendment was the best thing for the United States, it would represent an unprecedented attempt to wrest control from a legally and lawfully-elected President.

Rosenstein claimed that the account posted by the New York Times was entirely fictional, on the other hand.

Indeed, he even said that, “based on [his] personal dealings with the President,” there was no basis for the invocation of the amendment.

In other words, the Times article was wrong when it asserted that he (or anyone else) thought that there was any legal basis for removing Donald Trump from office.

Removing a president from office is not a step to be taken lightly, and certainly not something for people to advocate for simply because they don’t like someone’s politics.

While Rosenstein now claims he never intended to remove the President, allegedly made it clear in discussions with McCabe and other FBI officials that he was extremely serious.

As with so much of what the deep state does in the United States government, it’s almost impossible to discern what is the truth.

President Donald Trump and others believe that the answer lies within the memos that McCabe left with the FBI, which the Department of Justice has repeatedly refused to release to Congress.

In an interesting twist, the DOJ won’t release those documents, due to an ongoing Robert Mueller investigation.

The person overseeing that investigation is, of course, Rod Rosenstein, who could make the choice to release those documents.