Historic Protest Against Islam

PUBLISHED: 11:55 PM 26 Feb 2018

Rome’s Colosseum Lights Up Red To Protest Radical Islam

Rome's Colosseum was colored red to protest the massive uptick is crime from radical Islamists.

Rome's Colosseum was colored red to protest the massive uptick is crime from radical Islamists.

The ancient Colosseum in Rome was lit up red over the weekend to protest against Christians who have been persecuted and condemned to death by radical Islamic terrorists.

The move was particularly in response to the atrocious case of Asia Bibi, a Christian woman condemned to death in Pakistan for refusing to adhere to Islamic law.

Bibi has been forced to live on death row in Pakistan since 2010, when she was officially captured by the government for her remarks condemning the violence associated with the Quran and Islam.

She was physically assaulted and thrown in jail after she condemned Muslim men who refused to drink water from her glass because she was a white woman.

“The aim of the blasphemy laws is crush people who believe differently,” Archbishop Nunzio Galantino of the Italian bishops conference told the hundreds of protesters at the Colosseum.

Bibi is clearly being targeted by this radical Muslim nation and held on death row for calling out the atrocities and violence associated with Islam.

This is an attack on a Christian woman who bravely refused to cower to these radical Muslims and stood strong in her faith.

European Parliament President Antonio Tajani said the persecution of Christians in Europe and across the Middle East was “a genocide.”

“A message must be sent from this place. It is the duty of Europe to defend these values (of religious liberty) wherever on earth they are trampled on,” Tajani said.

Rebecca Bitrus, a Nigerian Christian woman who was imprisoned and tortured for two years by Boko Haram militants for two years, joined the campaign to help free Bibi and keep international attention on the issue.

While former President Barack Obama cowered and appeased radical Islamists, many should support this new effort to fight back against Islam and the violence it calls for against Christians.

Islam forbids women from exercising all human rights, kills homosexuals, and wages jihad against Christians across the world.

Many will support Rome’s efforts to stand up to this violent religion.

Source: The Geller Report