PUBLISHED: 10:20 PM 10 May 2017

Rockville Stands By Illegals After High School Incident, Vow Defiance Against ICE As Defense

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Rockville, Maryland’s City Council believes the ordinance not requiring police officers to act as deportation agents, will pass at the June 19 vote.

The city of Rockville, Maryland recently received national attention for the assault of a high school girl by illegal immigrants. Now, in the wake of the incident, the city still stands by illegals and vows to pass a new ordinance in defiance against ICE.

The Rockville City Council is sending to vote a controversial new proposal. The ordinance would prohibit the police from cooperating with federal immigration regulations. The city council is quick to correct that it’s not actually a “sanctuary city” policy.

They will still share information will federal authorities regarding the immigration status of those in jail. But, the police will not act as deportation agents in any manner and the courts will not prosecute illegals. They will let the federal agents handle all of that if they choose. The measure goes to full vote on June 19.

One March 7, the city held a public hearing where more than 75 residents voiced their opinions. Supporters said it would allow undocumented immigrants to report crimes without fear of being deported themselves. They also said that if police officers did act as deportation agents, it would undermine the trust that residents should have in their law enforcement officers.

The Assistant Police Chief Russ Hammil said that really, the actions being handed down from Washington don’t typically affect the daily duties of the police officers anyway.

“We do [our work] fairly, impartially and with the goal to serve everyone equally without regard to race, creed, color or any other status someone can think of,” Hamill said.

He also explained that their main duty was to serve and protect the people, not act as vigilante border patrol. “We have other more important and pressing duties,” he said.

But, those against the bill think that passing the ordinance would reward lawlessness and create a safe haven for criminals nationwide. In sanctuary cities like San Francisco, some pointed out, illegal immigrants are running rampant committing violent crimes.

Members of the town’s large Asian-American population took the “Melania Trump” defense. That is, they worked hard to jump through all the hoops, and become legally naturalized citizens. Why should anyone else get a free pass? One such resident said that Rockville shouldn’t just “pick and choose which laws to enforce.”

Rockville City Council Member Julie Palakovich Carr introduced the ordinance, and said, “I just think it’s the right thing to do.”

City Council Member Julie Palakovich Carr, who sponsored the bill, had to remind residents that the ordinance was not overruling any United States law.

“There’s nothing in federal law that requires Rockville to enforce federal immigration law,” she said.

The city ordinance is similar to nearby Howard County who has controversially declared sanctuary status. The New York Times interviewed legal immigrants in Howard County on the issue. Many took a hardline stance against illegals.

For example, J.D Ma, a resident of Clarksville, is an immigrant from Shanghai. He told the story of how his family had fled persecution of Mao Zedong. His father committed suicide in a forced labor camp. For Ma, learning English and getting an education was a way to a better life.

Ma put himself through school as a young teen working 13-hour days in a boarding school so that he could gain entrance to an American university. Then, he went on to earn multiple degrees allowing him to work as an attorney and a software engineer.

“Being in America is such a high privilege,” he told The New York Times. “As an immigrant, I really feel it. You cannot easily give that privilege to somebody without going through some kind of process. It’s like giving lots of gold for one dollar.”

He is confused by the political correctness of illegal immigration. It’s as if it is impolite to mention that they broke the law. But, they did. The liberal argument, he explains, is that deporting illegal immigrants breaks up families. That doesn’t make any sense.

“If a single mother commits a crime and has to go to jail,” he said, “We don’t say, ‘Oh, we can’t do that, because it will break her family.’”

Yes, he understands that many illegal immigrants are hard-working laborers contributing to society. Much of their punishment for breaking the law some say, is that they must remain under the law so their livelihood is often meager.

That is, regulated to careers such as babysitting, cleaning houses, and landscaping. As opposed to a legal immigrant who has full access to all of America’s job opportunities and career ladders. Ma says there’s some merit to that argument, but in the end, it’s irrelevant.

“Just because you are a productive member of society, working hard, mowing lawns, that should not be the reason to give you that gold,” he said. “You kind of jammed something down America’s throat. You said, ‘I understand you haven’t given me permission to contribute, but I want to contribute. So here I am doing it.’”

But in the end, this logic seems to be lost on the citizens of Rockville. Although deeply divided at the town hall, 41 were in favor of the issue, and 36 stood against. However, Carr required speakers to give their addresses before speaking and many of the opposing speakers lived in the outlying towns, not in Rockville proper. The meeting resulted in a few minor amendments to the policy, but overall stayed intact.

“I’m feeling pretty good about it passing on the 19th,” Carr said. “I appreciate the input we’ve gotten from Rockville residents and from across the country.”

What a short memory they have.