Mueller’s Hit List Revealed

PUBLISHED: 5:18 PM 5 Mar 2018

Robert Mueller’s Hit List, What He’s Asking For Revealed

A list of demands and people Mueller is targeting as been released.

Mueller's hit list has been revealed.

A newly released Grand Jury subpoena from Special Counsel Robert Mueller exposes his “hit list” and what he is truly after.

As Mueller is wasting taxpayer dollars to now look into United Arab Emirates “influence,” his probe is moving well beyond the scope of what he was tasked to investigate.

The subpoena, which was from an unidentified witness in Mueller’s investigation, lists 10 names of individuals who are connected to President Donald Trump.

In his subpoena to the witness, Mueller’s office is requesting all communications that were sent and received regarding the following Trump allies:

  1. Hope Hicks
  2. Carter Page
  3. Steve Bannon
  4. Paul Manafort
  5. Corey Lewandowski
  6. Donald J. Trump
  7. Keith Schiller
  8. Michael Cohen
  9. Rick Gates
  10. Roger Stone

The subpoena requests all communications from the witness from November 1, 2015 to the present.

This is another disturbing admission that Mueller’s investigation is working well-beyond the scope of what he was appointed to investigate: Russia collusion during the 2016 presidential election.

It was recently revealed that Mueller is looking into whether the UAE worked with a Trump campaign adviser to gain political influence.

Mueller’s office is trying to determine if UAE officials poured money into Trump’s campaign — which has nothing to do with Trump-Russia collusion theories.

The report coupled with the witness subpoena is another chilling attempt by Mueller’s team to delegitimize Trump’s presidency.

After nearly a year of investigating, Mueller has not brought forward a shred of evidence proving Trump or anyone from his campaign colluded with Russian officials to win the election.

Mueller and his team of Clinton-Obama donors are determined to work beyond their authority to harm Trump and his administration.

Americans are rightfully horrified about Mueller’s unlimited power and ability to use millions of taxpayer dollars to lead his witch hunt against a duly elected president.

If Mueller wants to prosecute criminals, he should begin with Hillary Clinton.

Source: Axios