Mobs Begin Rioting, Looting

PUBLISHED: 2:57 PM 13 Apr 2021

Riots, Mass Thefts, Violence Begins: Minneapolis Criminals Rejoice With Excuse For Savagery

They know that democrats will steal American tax dollars to rebuild, so this is a joyful time for mobs of criminal ignorant low lifes.

This was a foregone conclusion. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

The trial in Minneapolis over the death of a drug-using, criminal, woman beater has given ignorant, evil savages the excuse they need to steal and riot.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Protesters clashed with police officers in Brooklyn Center on Sunday after an officer fatally shot a driver.

Black Lives Matter members jumped on police cars in the afternoon.

A BLM crowd gathered in Brooklyn Center on Sunday evening after a female police officer reportedly shot and killed a black person.

According to reports there was an officer-involved shooting in Brooklyn Center near 63rd Ave N and Kathrene.

One man was downed by a rubber bullet.