Gaza Erupts

PUBLISHED: 3:36 PM 14 May 2018

Rioting Invaders Killed In Gaza Assault

Hamas claims 41 dead at the Gaza border, other numbers suggest 18-20, as Israel celebrates the Embassy move to Jerusalem.

Is this a protester or a rioter? The MSM finds it hard to tell the difference.

Whenever Israel sticks up for itself, the defense is called a massacre by the mainstream leftist media. In fact, when Muslims begin burning, stabbing, threatening, and chanting is done by Muslims, the talking heads report to the world that “protests” are taking place, as Reuters blatantly did today.

Gaza was once part of Israel. The nation gave the land to Muslims in exchange for peace, but now Gaza is a Sharia/Islamic hellhole. Due to the hostile “protests” (riots), Israel was forced to kill “at least 41 Palestinians along the Gaza border on Monday.”

The antics in the streets are caused by those angered that Israel, in tandem with the United States, is moving the embassy to it’s rightful and historic home, Jerusalem. It was not the Israeli authorities who were quick to lash out for no reason, either. “Visitors broke rules of conduct at the site, created provocation,” said the Jerusalem Police Department, according to Y News.

As always, Islamic cries of “Allahu Akbar” were heard as the barbarism began. The rioters brought the misery upon themselves, actions which had the groundwork laid since March 30 start of “The Great March of Return.” There were 900 others said to have been wounded in the mob, with 450 of those being the result of live ammo.

Elements of the Islamic faith refused to halt their bloodthirsty quest (admitted) to see Israel toppled. It is written that tens of thousands of rioters “streamed to the coastal enclave’s land border,” their goal being the Israeli fence that parts the two lands and stands as a much-needed border.

To hide their movements as the approached, tires were burnt and the acrid smoke wafted upwards as the criminals descended upon Israel. Slingshots, rocks, and other weapons were hurled at police and “Israeli security forces.” Those forces, in turn, replied with tear gas before resorting to bullets and active fire.

Today is the big day when we will cross the fence and tell Israel and the world we will not accept being occupied forever,” stated Gaza science teacher Ali. He did not give his last name. “Many may get martyred today, so many, but the world will hear our message. Occupation must end.”

While he may feel that the blood spilled is from modern-day freedom fighters, the fact is that the historical record shows this area in question to be Jewish land. For example, there are relics which show that Muslims conquered what is today Israel, which shows that Jews had to have been there first to have been dominated by Islamic warriors of old.

The land always belonged to Israel… the Romans named the province Palestine.

Therefore, while Reuters and mainstream media may call these “protests,” as tires burn, the fact remains that these rioters seek to take the land, as they always have, from the rightful owners.