Suburb Riots Quelled Instantly

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 30 Jul 2020
UPDATED: 5:30 PM 30 Jul 2020

Rioters Take On Oregon Suburbs But Get Stunned By Instant Justice

It is against the law to block roadways, cause property damage, and attack bystanders… regardless of your ‘feelings.’

Ummm.. police here aren't told to stand down to the mob of lawbreakers. (Source: Citizens Free Press YouTube Screenshot)

Last night, antifa and BLM rioters decided to take their ‘demonstrations’ into the suburbs of Oregon, but the response to these lawless acts were met with swift justice, something they weren’t expecting.

The crowd of lawbreakers ‘marched’ for about half a block before they were met with barricades, stunning the clueless leftists.

Incidentally, it is against the law to block roadways, impede the rights of others, destroy private property, or physically attack others… despite your ‘feelings,’ or what you claim is your ‘cause.’

Protesters are asking why they can’t walk down this road @KEZI9

— Connor McCarthy (@conr_mccarthy) July 30, 2020

In fact, unlike the leftist controlled Portland, after the unruly group of criminals shouted and threatened, they tried to physically push their way past police officers, but officers quickly stopped any riots before they began by using the law.

Police are declaring the protest an unlawful assembly @KEZI9

— Connor McCarthy (@conr_mccarthy) July 30, 2020

At least one protest leader was arrested, and others were injured trying to attack officers. Two antifa members were dragged from the group.


This just happened in Springfield, OR

— preston (@fancy_mustard88) July 30, 2020


#springfieldoregon PD weren’t having any #Portland shenanigans tonight.

— Villain Phoenix (@Villain_Phoenix) July 30, 2020


They were almost ALL from Out-Of-The-Area & they were TERRORIZING that quiet peaceful working class town of THURSTON, OREGON

— Colony__14 (@Colony___14) July 30, 2020


Residents are driving Black Lives Matter protesters out of Springfield, Oregon.

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) July 30, 2020

This is (at the end) about a Halloween skeleton hung up in a yard nearby. I have more information on that, including the owner and his neighbors saying it’s been up for years. Not enough room or time to say it all.

— adam duvernay (@DuvernayOR) July 30, 2020

It seems horrific to many people that there are so many ignorant, violent people willing to harm and destroy.

Fortunately, these towns are not like democrat controlled cities… here, lawlessness is met with justice… quickly.