PUBLISHED: 9:19 PM 24 Jan 2017

Rioters At Inauguration Attack Limo…Until They Realize It Isn’t Trump And Actually Muslim Migrant

Left-Wing Rioters Accidentally Burned Muslim's Limousine At Trump Inauguration

Left-Wing Rioters Accidentally Burned Muslim's Limousine At Trump Inauguration

Left-Wing Rioters Accidentally Burned Muslim’s Limousine At Trump Inauguration

In the streets of Washington D.C. on Friday, a shameful disgrace unfolded before news cameras.

While President Trump was being sworn in during a solemn ceremony that marks a historical transition, thousands of angry left-wing extremists descended on the streets of Washington with the goal of making their voice heard above all others.

Their mission was to distract from the sacred American tradition of anointing our next president. In order to achieve this, they needed to act out like spoiled children pushing the boundaries with a permissive father.

When the black-clad militants were allowed to have the run of the city, blocking traffic, shouting, burning flags and trash bins, they felt empowered to take things to the next level.

Just as the police were trying to gain control of the unruly crowds amassed in the streets near the inauguration parade, anarchists with black scarves covering their faces were committing felony vandalism and arson a short distance away.

The so-called protesters bashed the windows of a late-model luxury limousine in, chanting “We the People!”. Someone spray-painted that message across the side of the vehicle. Like a gang of neanderthals, the crowd ripped bricks out of the flowerbeds and hurled them at the limousine. After nearly all the windows had been smashed, a member of the group tossed a flare inside the passenger car and laughed as the flames climbed high.

While the savage mob of communist agitators chanted and shouted in their exuberant victory, a local D.C. business owner was fighting back tears.

Muhammad Ashraf of Nationwide Chauffeured Services, is the unfortunate owner of the livery company that provided the limousine. The driver, Luis Villarroel, was dropping off some inaugural attendees close to the parade, shortly before the trouble started.

The driver barely escaped with his life, his hand gashed open from the broken glass in trying to make his escape from the surrounded limo. He pleaded for mercy from the crowd as he climbed from the disabled vehicle and scrambled for safety within the nearest building.

“Why do they play with people’s lives,” wondered Ashraf. “One of those rocks could have hit him in the head.”

The frenzied pack of political rejects had busted up several large, expensive plate glass windows at a nearby storefront before advancing on the limousine.

Sam Komol told reporters that he had just opened his doors for lunch at Sushi AOI on New York Avenue in Northwest, D.C. when he saw a group of Inauguration protesters coming down 12th Street. They smashed windows at Bobby Van’s restaurant then headed his way.

“In 15 seconds, I locked the door and they were pulling it trying to get in,” said the distraught restrauteur.

He then heard a loud smashing noise, and saw that vandals had busted one of his windows with a hammer. An undisclosed amount of damage was done to the building, forcing Komol to shut down for the remainder of the inauguration.

After destroying the buildings, the group zeroed in on Ahsraf’s limo, surrounding it.

“It took no longer than five minutes,” said the limo driver. “They smashed all the windows – ‘Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam.’ Then they went and smashed another window of the SUV that was behind me. When I opened the door, I saw a small flame already on the carpet. I step on it, pull it off, take the flare out, smash it on the floor and that’s it.”

The Democrats' Message Of Inclusion Does Not Extend To Small Business Owners

The Democrats’ Message Of Inclusion Does Not Extend To Small Business Owners

Ashraf, a Muslim immigrant, now faces up to $70,000 of damage to his property, plus medical fees and payout to the injured driver. His insurance rates are likely to climb sky high after this incident.

“Everybody in this country has the right to protest and protest is just speaking louder than normal. But no one has the right to destroy private or public property. If that’s a crime, it has to be punished somehow. I don’t know the laws about how many years or it’s fair or not, but it has to be punished because we have to establish that the law has to be respected.” said the anguished limo owner.

It sounds as though Mr. Ashraf has more respect for the American traditions of free speech and free elections, than the neo-marxist scoundrels running wild in the streets.

While not a Trump voter, Ashraf says that he supports the rights of others to express their views peacefully.

“The way those protesters chose to demonstrate. “I did not agree with many of the things he said, but that still does not give me the right to go and affect someone’s livelihood,” he said, adding: “I really don’t think we need to take this [violent] route.”

Coincidentally, the driver who was injured in the incident is a big fan of the president’s, and has driven for him before!

The driver said that before the inauguration, Trump’s personal assistant would personally request him as his driver. The limo driver called President Trump an extremely generous man who knew the service industry well and treated him with great respect – always making sure to personally tip him.

The driver is in good condition after the attack, if a little more resolved in his support for President Trump. The owner has set up a gofundme page to offset his expenses.

The larger lesson here is that leftist troublemakers have been allowed free run of our nation’s streets for years now, and it has escalated into dangerous situations like we saw Friday.

It's Amazing What "Protesters" Have Been Getting Away With In The Name Of Tolerance!

It’s Amazing What “Protesters” Have Been Getting Away With In The Name Of Tolerance!

Since the consequences have been so minimal, demonstrators feel empowered to do things that would have been unthinkable twenty years ago. Throwing baseball-sized rocks and large bricks at police officers’ heads should not be a misdemeanor, even within the context of a heated political demonstration.

Lighting public property on fire, smashing windows, and destroying vehicles are all things that should carry stiff penalties to discourage extremists from ramping up their violence. If a young man sees another one get away with throwing a burning rag into a car, he  will think nothing of lighting a bank lobby next time.

It is important to keep American politics within the realm of civil discourse, for the sake of leftists above all. For if law and order break down, leaving us to survive in the laws of the jungle, weak disorganized liberals will be the first to go. True anarchy is their worst nightmare!