RINOs Move Against Trump

PUBLISHED: 8:23 PM 29 Jan 2018

RINOs Push Congress To Protect Robert Mueller From Trump

This move is as unnecessary as the investigation.

Senator Linsey Graham is pushing to protect Mueller from President Trump which is unnecessary.

On Sunday, two Republican Senators called for legislation that would provide Robert Mueller protection against the president. Investigating the Russian collusion hoax, Robert Mueller should be granted immunity from any and all crimes, the pair suggests.

Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Susan Collins (R-ME) have renewed their efforts to instill Robert Mueller as a permanent member of the government. After the resurfacing of a news story from last summer, these republican in name only (RINO) Senators would hate to see the former FBI director removed before impeachment.

Calling it fake news, President Trump asserts the story about him trying to fire Mueller is incorrect. Although part of his presidential powers, the president claims he has never considered the option.

Acting for over a year now, the Robert Mueller special counsel is charged with finding collusion between the president and Moscow. Taxpayers are funding the witch hunt designed to create the hoax meant to impeach the president.

Graham and Collins do not care about facts. The lack of evidence does not phase the lawmakers.

Zero evidence of collusion, keep going they say. Zero evidence President Trump is obstructing the investigation, time to create laws to try and prevent it.

These two legislators, along with Jeff Flake (R-AZ), helped to shut down the government over DACA, because the 3.6 million dreamers are more important than citizens who pay taxes. Blinded by a hatred for the leader of the Republican party, Graham and Collins are reactionists of the worst kind.

Unable to account for the veracity of the fake news, Graham told reporters he wanted to pass more legislation. Over the weekend Graham admitted to having already written the bill which would prevent the special counsel from ever being fired.

Graham announced he would be more than happy to get his bill passed over the next week. The government is facing another shutdown in the first week of February if a budget is not passed, but protecting Mueller is of the utmost importance to this Senator.

Unable to convince other senators to pass an immigration bill during the Schumer Shutdown, Graham did not mention if his bill also protected the dreamers he was willing to shut the government down for. Collins seems to have forgotten about the illegals she wanted to protect as well.

Collins told CNN it would not hurt to create a protective bubble around the Mueller investigation. Not questioning the 6-month-old story, the Senator gave her support for Graham’s ludicrous bill.

Drafted last August, the bill was written after legal counsel, McGahn supposedly wanted to resign after being told to fire Mueller last June. Based on the story that fails to name sources, Graham worked with three other Democratic Senators to create the bill.

The bill, reeking of democratic fervor, would establish a panel of federal judges who would then deliberate over decisions made about the special counsel. Just like the many of the president’s proposals, liberal judges would stand in the way of progress and rule along party lines.

Although with the support of these few Republicans, the bill could pass the Senate. But it is unlikely to pass the House of Representatives. Many Republicans in the House have been privy to information obtained by the House Intelligence Committee concerning the Russian collusion.

Many legislators who have read the four pages of the FISA memo are demanding the report to be released. Accusing the previous administration and their bureaucratic cronies of treason and sedition, many Representatives would be wary of granting such immunities to Mueller.

The memo is alleged to name people of the former administration and their acts against the people of United States. Former FBI director James Comey and his deputy McCabe are both named in the memo for their abuse of power. Deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein is named in the memo as well for his role in acquiring a FISA warrant with the intent of spying on a political campaign.

After these names were released, the Department of Justice (DOJ) began calling for the suppression of memo. Stating the people should not see what is in the intelligence report before the Justice Department, lawmakers scoffed at the justice spokesperson.

Having been given the material evidence from the Justice Department, the intelligence committee told the DOJ the memo concerns the department and their practices. Growing concerns led to the removal of deputy director Andrew McCabe, on Monday.

The department has come under criticism this past week after losing a number of FBI text messages. Breaking news for a few days, FBI agent Strzok’s text messages are revealing a trove of information pertaining to the biases and subversive actions of top officials within the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI).

It took over a week for the Justice Department to recover the text messages. Spanning a period of five months, the text messages indicate secret societies meeting to discuss taking the president down. The messages also present information that certain investigation did not get the full FBI treatment after being paid off.

Actual treasonous behavior that has been documented and acted upon plague the agents working on the Mueller investigation. Yet, both Collins and Graham have conceded they have not witnessed any evidence which would indicate the president is trying to fire Mueller.

The swamp monsters are casting shade to try and protect deep state actors. President Trump is working hard to drain the swamp. Fighting for every inch, the president is slowly purging the corruption festering on Capitol Hill.