More Visas: RINO Senators Betray America

PUBLISHED: 1:34 AM 30 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 1:34 AM 30 Jan 2018

RINOs Propose Doubling Visa Numbers For Skilled Workers

These senators are probably trying to win voters from the other side.

Senator Orrin Hatch just undermined American workers.

Senators Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Jeff Flake (R-AR) will introduce an amendment, called the Immigration and Innovation Bill to any immigration legislation proposed that will potentially increase the number of H1-B visas from 85,000 to 195,000. H1-B visas are used by large companies to import foreign nationals to replace their American workforce.

The imported foreign nationals are willing to work for less money than Americans, allowing companies who use the program to pad their profits.

The program has destroyed the lives of Americans across the country and has been sold on the fallacy that America does not have enough skilled labor to fill these positions.

America does indeed have enough skilled labor to fill the positions and if there is a shortage in the future, the focus should be on training Americans, not importing foreign nationals so companies don’t have to pay a living wage.

The program is largely abused by the tech industry, and the cheap foreign labor being imported is used for coding and software development.

In Seattle, about half of all software developers are foreign nationals. They have taken 57,000 jobs from Americans according to the Seattle Times.

The amendment they are proposing would also allow H1-B visa recipients to import their spouses and allow them to gain employment in the country. They too will accept jobs that Americans would fill by simply agreeing to work for less.

The H1-B visa program and others like it keep wages in the country low by flooding the labor market.

President Trump’s administration is against any expansion of the programs. Officials in the Department of Homeland Security who oversee the H1-B visa program sent out a public notice last December indicating the agency is aiming to eliminate the ability of the spouses of H1-B visa holders to work in the United States.

The Department of Homeland Security is also considering measures that would cut the number of available H1-B visas and force companies to justify their use of the program and demonstrate the continued need for it.

Large companies such as Disney have used the program in order to pad their profits. Disney imported hundreds of foreign nationals willing to work for half the rate of their current staff and forced their American employees to train their own replacements.

Disney is not alone either, Apple and Google employ thousands of H1-B visa holders.

The vast majority of H1-B visas are issued to Indians. India is far poorer than the United States and their standard of living reflects their average annual per capita income of $1,670. People coming from this third world nation will obviously have no problem working for much less than Americans.

Beyond their willingness to work for peanuts, the culture in India is also vastly different than that of America. For example, in India, the cultural norm is to defecate along railways and in open fields. Having toilets in their homes is an alien concept to them.

If the federal government shut down the entire program and discontinued any renewals, millions of Americans would have their pay increase.

Unemployment would also drop when companies like Intel become forced to replace the masses of foreign nationals they brought in to exploit for cheap labor with Americans who will demand a living wage.

Another problem with replacing American workers with cheap imported labor is it diminishes the tax base. When people are making less, they are also paying less in taxes. This impacts funding for crucially needed infrastructure building and maintenance.

Foreign nationals being imported are sending $billions back to their home countries as well. This means instead of the money recirculating throughout the economy, it is being siphoned off with little regard to how it impacts the United States.

Senators Hatch and Flake have no regard for the American worker or the American family and are pushing this amendment in order to appease the companies which fund their campaigns. Americans do not support the importation of foreign nationals to take their jobs.

Representatives should be looking to scrap the program entirely in the United States. If employers are having a hard time filling positions all they need to do is increase the pay and benefits they offer. By increasing compensation, they can attract tons of talent, that is the beauty of capitalism.