Talking Stick Trouble

PUBLISHED: 2:11 AM 24 Jan 2018

RINO “Talking Stick” Channels Spirit Of Destruction As Glass Elephant Takes Brunt

She decided to force members to hold the stick to prevent disruptions.

The talking stick was replaced with a ball after it was thrown in disgust.

Sometimes, just giving a clumsy person the simplest of props is enough to bring total chaos. There are those who just can’t seem to conduct themselves in any way that does not resemble a bull loose in a china shop, something that those who were hearing politicians talk about a government shutdown learned only too well.

In an effort to get everyone to not talk over one another, well-meaning Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) introduced a “talking stick” into the bipartisan talks which she hosted in her Maine office, Fox News Insider reports. The Native American talking stick ended up being what was remembered most, something that she certainly did not plan on.

Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) disobeyed the rules regarding the talking stick and interrupted Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) who was to be the only one speaking. Growing frustrated by the fact that the rules of the stick were being ignored, Alexander is said to have “forcefully” thrown the useless device at Warner.

This was likely done to prove a point, but as fate would have it, the stick meant to quell interruptions wound up “clipping and chipping Collins’ glass elephant.

Thankfully, those attending, even Collins, laughed off the error. She replaced the stick with a rubber ball in order to prevent anything else from being broken.

While this is quite humorous and it is good to see that the damaged elephant was taken in stride, this highlights just how upset both sides of the debate are. There are those on the left who are willing to feed illegal aliens before Americans just to impede Mr. Trump’s progress. This was their actions as the government closed, for all to see.

Likewise, there are Republicans who are so frustrated with the foolish ways of the average Democrat that he can hardly contain themselves enough to hold a talking stick.

This state that America finds itself in is not the fault of the G.O.P., for while certainly not flawless, they have done nothing but win an election and then carry out their outlined agenda.

This is not any different from what Hillary Clinton or Gary Johnson would have done, had they won.

Thankfully, they did not, though the fallout from their fury of those who lost is hardly at its end.

Source: Fox News Insider