PUBLISHED: 12:27 AM 14 Jan 2018
UPDATED: 8:23 PM 14 Jan 2018

RINO Nervous By Discovered DACA Surprise, Plot For Voters Exposed As Details Emerge


Arizona’s Sen. Jeff Flake helped draft the pro-illegal proposal.

Arizona’s Sen. Jeff Flake helped draft the pro-illegal proposal.

A group of senators has reached a tentative agreement on DACA legislation, along with other immigration policy changes. The bipartisan group is currently attempting to build support for the deal in Congress.

Three Democrats and three RINO’s (Republicans in name only–essentially democrats when judged by their voting records and public statements) “have reached an agreement in principle that addresses border security, the diversity visa lottery, chain migration/family reunification and the Dream Act,” they wrote in a statement. “We are now working to build support for that deal in Congress.”

Advocates of the proposal say it extends amnesty to the parents of illegals. Details of the plan were not immediately available and, as anticipated, the proposal was promptly met with resistance.

Senator Jeff Flake went on to tell reporters that with their plan “Dreamers would be able to obtain a three-year provisional legal status that could be renewed. The plan would provide a huge amnesty-like benefit to the foreigners who created the illegal immigration problem.”

It was presented to the White House for President Donald Trump’s consideration before seeking passage in the Senate and House of Representatives.

An anonymous senior Republican congressional aide stated that the White House was briefed on the senators’ proposal and said, “It’s clear it’s a non-starter.”

Illegals show their appreciation for the US and the taxpayers who fund their existence.

On Thursday, the Wall Street Journal quoted President Trump as saying. “I‘m not talking amnesty at all.” And in previous talks about DACA, President Trump has repeatedly said there would have to be an agreement involving a border wall and ending chain migration.

Democrats have been working endlessly in hopes of crafting legislation that would prevent approximately 700,000 illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children – known as Dreamers – from being subject to deportation. Trump ended the Obama-era program last year, withdrawing temporary legal status and work permits.

Without Congressional action and legislation, the illegals let in by Obama, who are mostly from Mexico and Central American countries, will be subject to deportation beginning in early March.

Senate Democrats are also attempting to get legislation put together by next week so it could possibly be attached to a spending bill that Congress will have to pass to avoid government shutdowns after Jan. 19.

Several controversial provisions have been under discussion on Capitol Hill in recent months.

For example, Democratic Representative Henry Cuellar said that the legislation should include protections from deportation for parents of Dreamers. He said this despite the fact that Obama’s executive order that offered the parents protections was deemed unconstitutional.

Cuellar said he understands that conservatives and Republicans would balk at “amnesty” for the illegal parents. One possible compromise, according to congressional aides, could be to let these parents receive a temporary legal status that could be renewed every three years. But unlike their children, the parents could never be granted citizenship.

If your dream can’t wait, then go home and realize them there. It’s not the job of the U.S. govt to accommodate illegal aliens.

That could anger Dreamers and Hispanic groups who have a history of taking to the streets in protest, burning American flags, and condemning American law.

According to congressional aides, a plan to restructure the “diversity” immigrant visa program so that it no longer operates via a lottery system is currently being considered.

The program aims to provide visas to people from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States. It currently distributes up to 50,000 visas a year, but President Trump has recently attacked the visa lottery. It has been proven that it opens up the U.S. to more chain-migration, and at least one terrorist has used this visa program to gain entry to the U.S.

Another pro-illegal immigrant initiative, according to congressional aides, would shore up the Temporary Protection Status program that has been under attack by the Trump administration.

Trump has decided to end the TPS status granted to about 200,000 people from El Salvador following a devastating earthquake in the Central American country. TPS grants legal status to immigrants, granting them the ability to legally take a job from an American.

A border security provision does not provide the funds for the border wall. It allows money to go to put up a patchy wall that would still allow the illegal cockroaches to crawl into the U.S. at the expense of the American taxpayer.

Featured are border wall prototypes.

Congress and Trump also want to put the brakes on “chain migration,” which opens the door for immediate relatives of legal immigrants to come to the United States. The bill did not address how chain migration would be limited.

President Trump should listen to the American people on this subject, instead of Congress. No amnesty, no DACA, no chain migration, and Americans are practically screaming for the government to “build the wall.”

Americans are tired of being victimized by illegals flooding our borders just so Democrats can have a voter base. Without a border wall included in the negotiations, Republicans should dismiss this bill and any future attempts to grant amnesty to illegals.