RI Candidates Arrested

PUBLISHED: 4:40 PM 6 Oct 2018

Rhode Island Candidates Arrested After 48 Pounds Of Cannabis Found

They were reportedly arrested after local law enforcement officials found nearly fifty pounds of cannabis in their house following a complaint about the plant’s well-known odor emanating from the premises.

Law enforcement officials in Rhode Island recently arrested 58-year-old Anne Armstrong and 48-year-old Alan Gordon, who are running to be the governor and attorney general of the state, after a search of their home uncovered nearly fifty pounds of cannabis (pictured above).

Just recently, law enforcement officials in the state of Rhode Island, otherwise known as the Ocean State, busted two people who are running as the gubernatorial and attorney general candidates for the Compassion Party, which is a minor party in the state, on charges of “marijuana possession” and “contributing to the delinquency of a minor.”

Apparently, local officers had shown up to search the home of the couple, who are both leaders of a “healing” church, after receiving a complaint about the plant’s well-known odor. The candidates for governor and attorney general insist that they the police were supposedly called on them because they were gaining in the polls.

When authorities arrived and raided the house, they subsequently uncovered nearly fifty pounds of cannabis stored throughout their unlicensed “farm” and took them both into custody.   

Specifically, Rhode Island authorities placed 58-year-old Anne Armstrong and 48-year-old Alan Gordon under arrested following a search of the pot-smoking pair’s house in West Greenwich, Rhode Island that was prompted when someone purportedly complained about a “strong odor of marijuana emanating from marijuana plants being illegally grown outdoors.”

According to reports, Armstrong is currently running to be the state’s governor and Gordon is campaigning to be the state’s attorney general. They are also leaders of a “Christian” sect, called “The Healing Church,” that apparently uses the plant for their religious services. 

Upon searching their house, the officers reportedly found approximately forty-eight pounds of cannabis stored on the premises.

Indoors, the officers observed approximately five massive aluminum trays “heaped with trimmed pot” while other trays “held drying marijuana.”  

Outdoors, the officers found the plant “growing outdoors and in plain sight” without the proper state-issued tags required for growing the drug.

The law enforcement officials also discovered that there was a 15-year-old inside the house. As a consequence, they’ve since been ordered to be held on $25,000 bail.

The pair appeared unfazed by the incident. In fact, they even appeared to joke about it on Twitter.

“On way to the Wickford barracks under arrest for cannabis again,” wrote Armstrong in a tweet that she shared on the social media platform following her arrest.

“I guess our poll numbers were high enough to scare them into committing an atrocity. Pray for our police,” added the gubernatorial candidate in her post, which seemed to include a picture that was taken while in the back seat of a police cruiser.

Disturbingly, this is not the first time that the pair, who insist that using the term “marijuana” is racist, has had a problem with local authorities.

For example, they previously filed a lawsuit against the Ocean State in which they claimed that enforcing the state’s drug laws to prohibit their cannabis use basically amounts to “religious discrimination” and violates the First Amendment, which is a constitutional amendment protecting the free exercise of religion.

Last month, Joseph Percoco, who used to be an aide to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, was found guilty of three charges relating to a bribery conspiracy that purportedly involved approximately $320,000.

Apparently, most of the money came in the form of a salary payment to his wife, Lisa Percoco. Specifically, Percoco supposedly used his political influence to his wife get a “low-show” job at that paid her $7,500 every single month.

He also reportedly worked to raise the salary of an executive’s son who worked for the state government and, quite shockingly, helped get rid of an employee who the executive’s son had a problem with. As a consequence, the former democratic aide to the governor was sentenced to six years behind bars.

A few months prior to that, Wisconsin state Sen. Lena Taylor (D-Milwaukee) was removed from her ranking position on one of the state’s committees shortly after an investigation determined that she had retaliated against and bullied one of her employees.

Around the same time, Taylor had also, quite alarmingly, went on what many would recognize as a blatantly racist tirade while inside of a local bank.

Despite this, she’s still somehow a state senator in Wisconsin, which has left countless to wonder what more she would have to do to prove to the left that she’s unfit for office.

Several months before that, Ed Pawlowski (D), who used to be the mayor of a city in Pennsylvania, was reportedly convicted of forty-seven criminal charges.

Some of the numerous charges included conspiracy, attempted extortion, bribery, giving false statements to federal officials, honest services fraud, mail fraud, wire fraud and unlawfully altering city contracts to get extra money for his own mayoral campaigns.  

Before that, Juliet Germanotta, who was a transgender democratic candidate campaigning to represent Wisconsin in Washington DC, was taken into custody and charged with third-degree grand larceny for allegedly stealing an emerald and diamond ring valued at roughly $4,800 from a jewelry shop in the state of New York.

And prior to that, Joy Cooper (D), who used to be the mayor of Hallandale Beach, Florida before being suspended by the state’s governor, was reportedly arrested on charges of campaign finance violations, money laundering, and official misconduct for allegedly using bribe money to unlawfully fund her campaign for re-election.