‘Fake Explosives’

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 25 Oct 2018
UPDATED: 5:34 PM 25 Oct 2018

Rhetoric Update: Bomb Had ‘Hallmarks Of Fake Explosives’

So, whoever actually sent the packages had no real intention of harming any democrat?

The president is standing his ground on the border wall funding, and the GOP is behind him.

In the aftermath of yesterday’s ‘explosive’ revelations, a few predictable things have happened.

Liberals are screaming it’s all President Trump’s fault that someone sent potential bombs to key democrat leaders, while a number of people are arguing that the entire incident was a fabricated by the left to either switch the narrative from the migrant invasion, or shift the blame from the countless number of liberal attacks that have taken place over the past two years… and the basic mob mentality that rules the left.

In a timeline of events, readers can see that not only is the mainstream media completely blaming the president, they refuse to admit the fact that the mailing, which have the ‘hallmarks of fake explosives,’ didn’t actually harm anyone.

In fact, no democrat was in any danger.

This has lent credence to the suggestions that the whole incident was staged before the election for political purposes.

No one is talking about the bombshell revelation concerning Democrat Andrew Gillum’s bust in an FBI sting. No one is mentioning the swelling ranks of unwashed invaders heading toward the southern border. No one has mentioned the large crowds being drawn by the president, the fact that the U.S. actually lowered CO2 output this year, or that jobs are soaring.


All anyone on the mainstream media, in particular CNN, is talking about is the fact that Donald Trump is to blame for these fake bombs?

And the list goes on and on…

It’s patently clear that the bomb story has completely overtaken any real news. Many people hope that the culprit will be caught soon… and his or her identity will reveal that, like previous unhinged attacks, this came from a person on the left.

Otherwise, many conservatives ask, why send benign devices with a ‘Git ‘er done’ inscription?

The Congressional (Bernie supporter) shooter did not bring fake bullets. He scoped the location for days and if it hadn’t been for Scalise’s unexpected appearance, there would have been no Capitol Guards there to return fire.

None of these bombs, by reports so far, have indicated an active ability to harm the receiver. If Trump’s ‘rhetoric’ is so destructive, where is the proof?