Sharia Law Councils Operating Unchecked

PUBLISHED: 1:44 AM 7 Feb 2018

Review Uncovers Sharia Law Councils Unmonitored In United Kingdom

This allows for unchecked abuse of women and the spreading of dangerous ideas.

England is finding that some people are against these findings for only PC reasons.

There is no shortage of people in the West who fear that the influx of often radical segments of Islam are going to bring the worst elements of that culture into ours. The goal was supposed to be to rescue those Muslims who wanted a better life and bring them away from the inhumane practices found in the Middle East, not to spread them. Those who voiced such concerns were called “alt-right” and whispered about as if they were heartless bigots.

Those worries, however, had nothing to do with Allah and everything to do with how his followers often act. Breitbart News has confirmed that a “review into the state of Sharia law in the United Kingdom and the bodies administering it” have discovered that the government of the U.K. has no idea “how many of the Islamic law councils are operating in the country.”

Furthermore, there was “an admission of systemic discrimination against women, including the victim of forced marriage being asked to appear alongside her family, with an ‘inappropriate’ adoption of civil legal terms used.” In other words, women are becoming mere chattel once again as the archaic rules of Islam infect England.

The document is called “The independent review into the application of sharia law in England and Wales” and when “Islamic theologian Mona Siddique OBE, as well as Imam Qari Muhammad Asim MBE and Imam Sayed Ali Abbas Razawi” were included, they were outraged that it employed an “inappropriate theological approach.”

We are told that “Sam Momtaz QC, Anne-Marie Hutchinson OBE QC (Hon), and Sir Mark Hedley DL” were also on the panel.

Anyone with an IQ greater than that of an atom will ask what better way to conduct the review was there? If Islam is the religion that is causing all of the problems, does it not make sense to look into Islam? You don’t find many Sharia councils in the Buddhist temple, after all.

Some woman’s rights groups are concerned even though it is Sharia law that is being studied, a religious legal structure that destroys the rights of women.

The real nightmare here is that the review has found that “The exact number of sharia councils operating in England and Wales is unknown. Academic and anecdotal estimates vary from 30 to 85. The review has identified 10 councils operating with an online presence. The sharia councils identified by the review were mostly in urban centres with significant Muslim populations, such as London, Birmingham, Bradford and Dewsbury.”

One of the main resulting recommendations was “linking Islamic marriage to civil marriage” to make sure that “a greater number of women will have the full protection afforded to them in family law and they will face less discriminatory practices. This will be a positive move aimed at giving women maximum rights should the marriage end in divorce.”

At the end of the day, this is about making sure that the unimaginable evils of Sharia Islam are never used as a legal guidepost in any way, something that many Muslims want to see happen. Once that is allowed, the rights of the West are as good as dead for anyone practicing Islam, and soon after, for anyone else.

Let us also ask one parting question: If Islam is so vastly superior to the Christianity of the West, why are they having such problems with divorce? After all, nations like the United Kingdom already have enough problems with families breaking up and spouses not caring about their wedding vows.

Those protesting the study and the facts revealed are all but signing themselves up for Islamic Sharia abuse. Let us remember that Egypt once worshiped rulers (Pharaohs) and Sun gods. They were forced into being Islamic at the tip of a sword.

Now that sword is facing West. Already, the sharia law courts are established in Christendom.

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