Microsoft Culture Exposed

PUBLISHED: 9:25 PM 13 Mar 2018

Revealed: Microsoft Had 238 Complaints Of Gender Discrimination Or Harassment In 6 Years

Attorneys are proposing a class action lawsuit that could include more than 8,000 women.

Depending on a judge's ruling, Microsoft could be in trouble.

There should be a special punishment for hypocrites. When people, or in the case of liberals a group, decide to tell others how to live but then turns around and does the exact opposite in their own life, they deserve something extra.

In the case of Microsoft, the hypocrisy that is coming to light is both sad and hilarious. The fact that so many women were affected by the “shocking” environment there could never be something to laugh at. But at the same time, these are the people claiming President Trump is a misogynist.

According to attorneys who will represent plaintiffs, a class-action lawsuit is awaiting approval by a judge against the software giant. The numbers are staggering; it could include over 8,000 women suing Microsoft for sexual harassment and gender discrimination.

Court filings that were made public yesterday revealed that between 2010 and 2016, women at Microsoft filed 238 internal complaints. The allegations included being denied pay raises and promotions and sexual harassment.

Naturally, the company denies the complaints. In fact, of 118 gender discrimination complaints filed against Microsoft, only one was categorized as “founded.”

It is important to note that internal complaints are generally kept private so it is impossible to tell if this number of complaints is in line with industry standards.

Microsoft had argued against the numbers being released in the first place. They attempted to claim that it would deter employees from reporting future abuses.

The company is claiming that the women cannot produce one example of a pay or promotion where Microsoft’s investigation team should have found a violation and didn’t.

In response to the filings, Microsoft claims that it spends $55 million per year to promote diversity. Generally, when liberals use that term it includes things such as workshops or campaigns. It rarely seems to include actions that may actually make a difference such as investigating these types of claims.

District Judge James Robart is reviewing the plaintiff request for a class-action status.