Supreme Court Shakeup

PUBLISHED: 4:57 PM 13 Mar 2018

Retiring Supreme Court Justice Would Give Trump Ability To Appoint Conservative

This would influence the court for many years.

Justice Kennedy is rumored to be resigning this summer.

The political landscape in America could change right before our very eyes after Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, who was responsible for legalizing gay-marriage, retires from the panel of justices this summer as he is expected to, according to Nevada Sen. Dean Heller.

If Kennedy retires, President Donald Trump would be at liberty to nominate a justice who could likely turn the Supreme Court right; therefore, changing the political landscape in America forever.

Republicans are elated about the news that Justice Kennedy, 81, may retire after his 29 years on the bench.

Heller told reporters: “I believe that we’re going to have another Supreme Court justice this year.” The Nevada republican went on to assert that he thinks that “Kennedy is going to retire sometime early summer.”

Heller also said that after Kennedy resigns, “Republicans are going to have another opportunity to put another Supreme Court justice in place,” which he thinks will energize the base and get America back on track to greatness.

Even though Kennedy is a conservative, he typically sides with his liberal counterparts on the panel when it comes to issues such as gay rights and abortion rights.

But if Trump replaces him with a strong conservative, the judiciary could change forever.

Kennedy really turned on his Republican colleagues when he wrote the Supreme Court’s major gay-rights decisions, including the ruling that made same-sex marriage legal nationwide.

Previously, when speculation surrounding Kennedy’s retirement first hit the rumor mill back at the end of 2017, President Trump said that he would be “refreshing” his list of potential Supreme Court nominees. Trump added that he would also be taking “input from respected conservative leaders” when making his decision.

Back in November, the White House released a statement saying: “President Trump will choose a nominee for a future Supreme Court vacancy, should one arise, from this updated list of 25 individuals.”

And it seems that is still the case as we get closer to summer.

One name that the White House floating is Utah Sen. Mike Lee. According to Fox News, one of Lee’s spokespeople said that the Senator would be “honored to represent the people of Utah and is focused on his work in the Senate.”

The list is made up 24 other names. Judge Amy Coney Barrett and Judge Kevin C. Newsom, who were both nominated by Trump, are on the list as well.

Justice Britt C. Grant of the Supreme Court of Georgia, Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, and Justice Patrick Wyrick of the Supreme Court of Oklahoma are also on Trump’s list of potential nominees, according to Fox News.

Last year, Trump appointed Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and is very proud of that decision.

While the democrats tried to fight Gorsuch’s nomination and appointment, they were unsuccessful. Gorsuch has proved to be an asset to the Supreme Court.

However, with the announcement of Kennedy’s potential retirement, the GOP base is now energized for the future.

Granted, there have been rumors previously that hinted at Kennedy’s retirement, but he is still there.

A good conservative on the Supreme Court is exactly what America needs right now as the democrats are fighting every single thing Trump is doing to try and make America great again.

Slowly but surely the liberal Justices have tried to pick away at the very fabric of America by imposing their gay-agenda onto the rest of their country. Well, time is up. Conservatives have the ball now and Trump is calling the plays, and we are going to score.

Trump tried to enforce a travel ban for national security reasons, and several liberal judges ruled against it, arguing that it was unconstitutional and discriminated towards Muslims.

Well, when did America become one nation under Allah? We don’t see Christians running around blowing up planes and public places in the name of their religion. We only see that from those who practice Islam.

Therefore, President Trump implemented a travel ban banning those from Mulism-majority countries, who wish to harm Americans and view the United States as their enemy.

So, what is so wrong with President Trump wanting to protect Americans from those countries who harbor terrorists and hate America?

The president is clearly doing his job and the democrats need to stay out his way or we will not recognize America in the future.

It is about time the Supreme Court got back on the right side of history, pun intended.